Reviving Hope: Exploring the Realms of Life and Death in the Soul-like ARPG ‘Lord of the Fallen’

CI Games announced today (October 13, 2023) an action RPG created by its studio HEXWORKS.“Lord of the Fallen”(PC / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X|S). This work is a reboot version of the title of the same name released in 2014, and is a dark story in which a warrior (player) confronts a powerful enemy in a devastated world where the resurrection of a demon is approaching. It’s a fantasy action RPG.In terms of style, the so-called“Soul-like”It is characterized by a challenging level of difficulty where a moment’s laxity or misjudgment can lead to death.

Reviving Hope: Exploring the Realms of Life and Death in the Soul-like ARPG ‘Lord of the Fallen’

Soul-like works have already established a firm position as a game genre. Among these, it was one of the early Soul Follower games, and was a hit mainly in Europe and the United States.I had a chance to play it before it was released, so I’d like to report on how it was revived after about 10 years. I want to deliver it. The version I’m playing this time is the PC version.

Travel through the wasteland ravaged by evil and stop the demon god’s resurrection.

The setting of this work is a fantasy world called Mornstead. This world was once ruled by the violent demon Adeel, but after a long battle, humanity was victorious over Adeel, and an era of peace ushered in.

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However, the immortal demon did not disappear, and the situation worsened to the point where his subordinates, the demons, overran the earth. Adeel’s resurrection is at hand, the warriors fighting for the people have fallen, and the fate of humanity left on the devastated earth seems to be over.

The lamp that has become the only hope seems to be important to the genie, and is targeted from the beginning.
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The only hope left was the knights of the cult that worshiped the god Orius, Adeel’s archenemy.They have a powerful but blasphemous power that allows them to “travel between realms of the living and the dead.”“Umbral Lamp”He discovers this and becomes convinced that this is the only way to destroy the demon.
The story begins with the player obtaining this lamp due to certain circumstances, and traveling to various parts of Mornstead infested with powerful enemies as a “dark crusader” to defeat the demon god. .

As mentioned at the beginning, this is a third-person action RPG that is heavily influenced by the Soul series. As players battle and explore in the land of Mornstead, they will get closer to the secrets of this world and the demon Adeel.
Although it is a standard Soul-like work, the world view is very dark, and many of the areas are ruins and other places where you can’t feel people’s lives, and vicious monsters roam everywhere.Basically safe places are placed regularly along the way.“trace”There will only be a base called a rest and a warp point.

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The traces in each place are the bases of a few players.You can also level up (status up), so you will mainly explore here.
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The field itself has many branches and height differences, but the basic mechanism is that your range of action expands by solving certain tricks or defeating bosses. However, even the enemies along the way are powerful, and if you rush into them without thinking, you’ll die in no time.
Not only does the enemy’s attack power simply be high, but when you attack an enemy in the foreground, surrounding enemies will attack you all at once, hidden enemies will jump out the moment you pick up an item, and enemies in the vicinity will attack you while fighting. The murderous intent is quite high from the beginning, with distant enemies attacking with projectiles. Therefore, it is best to take on one enemy at a time, avoid getting in the line of sight of the enemy’s long-range attacks, and simply run away from enemies that seem to be strong.Careful approach is importantbecome.

Even if your life is full, you can’t let your guard down. Sometimes incredibly strong enemies suddenly attack you…
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In addition, when the game is over, it corresponds to experience points.“vitality”can be dropped on the spot and collected only once, but if the game ends again before collection, it will be lost forever. Although it is basic, thorough risk management, such as returning to your base without overdoing it when you are close to leveling up, should ultimately lead to smooth play.

You can level up by consuming the accumulated energy at your base.
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The player’s alter ego, the main character, creates a character at the beginning of the game and selects a class related to early equipment and status. A variety of classes are available, including the heavily armed holy knight who uses a one-handed sword and shield, the flame worshiper who can use flame magic to eliminate enemies from a distance, and the condemned who have average and low stats. There is.

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Additionally, you can not only change facial parts and change the appearance of your age, but also finely adjust things such as skin color, gender, body shape, and tattoos, so it would be a good idea to take your time and create your own. The class and status decided here are only set as initial values, and you can improve any status when leveling up, and you can freely equip as long as the required status is met.
However, basically the training will be in line with the first class. It’s a good idea to try out various options and choose one that suits your play style.

The world of the living, Axion, and the world of the dead, Umbral.Traveling between two worlds is the key to exploration.

In addition to the severe battles, another major focus of this work is the “Umbral Lamp.” It looks like a simple hand-held lantern that emits blue light, but it is actually…The power to travel between the world of the living, Axion, and the world of the dead, Umbral.have.

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In Umbral, the surrounding colors are lost and the atmosphere becomes even more sinister.However, sometimes things that cannot be seen on the table can be seen.
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This game’s map has a two-layered structure: Axion on the “front side” and Umbral on the “back side.” If you die in Axion, you will be revived in Umbral, so it has a role like a remaining life (life) (if you die on Umbral side, you will be revived from the base), but if you do not successfully cross between the two worlds, you will not be able to move forward. There is a scene.

For example, in Axion, there are places where there is a gimmick that allows you to move on the cliff, even if it is just a cliff, on the Umbral side. If there is something on the “other side”, there may be some kind of landmark, such as moths flying around, or there may be objects that are clearly in the way. When this happens, raise your lamp and check your surroundings, and you’ll probably discover something new.

When you hold the lamp up, things on the Umbral side will be reflected.Please note that in order to interact, the player must move to the other world.
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Once you have confirmed that there is something on the Umbral side, you can “lift” (move) it by using the lamp anywhere you like. Although the appearance is more dilapidated and the atmosphere is oppressive, the basic terrain remains largely unchanged. However, even if you move by the power of the lamp,If you die in Umbral, it’s game over immediately.I would like to be careful about this.

Mornstead is already dangerous enough even in the real world of Axion, but Umbral, also known as the Dark World, is an even more dangerous realm. For example, after a certain amount of time passes, enemies will start to spawn more and more, so staying there for a long time can be dangerous.
However, even though it is possible to move from Axion to Umbral using the power of the lamp, the reverse is actually impossible.Traveling by ramp“One way”That’s it.

The longer you stay in Umbral, the more enemies will appear.At first, the enemies are weak, but if you stay for too long, powerful enemies will appear.
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In order to return to Axion’s side, the only way is to reach a previously discovered or undiscovered base, or use movement points called “Katayo” scattered around the field. Compared to Axion, where you can explore at your leisure, staying in Umbral for a long time in itself increases the risk. When lifting, you will need to consider how to survive to some extent before doing so.

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However, moving to Umbral does not only have disadvantages, it also allows shortcuts to the route and a bonus multiplier on the experience points (vitality) that can be obtained. Use it wisely to advance the game to your advantage.

Movement using ramps is one of the key points of this work.There are many opportunities to use it, such as efficiently defeating enemies and solving puzzles.
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In addition, the lamp is not only a means of transportation, but also a “soul fray” that can extract the enemy’s soul and attack the spirit itself, as well as the soul contained in a specific object and the parasitic creatures that strengthen the enemy. “Soul Siphon” etc.Functions useful in battleIt also has
Standard tactics such as evasion, parrying, and combos are important, but the range of tactics can be greatly expanded by utilizing ramps. There are a lot of enemies, so it’s a good idea to try out different ones.

Although the difficulty level is high, there are considerations for beginners.Give it a try if you’re looking for some solid action.

As I’ve mentioned before, this game is quite difficult, and a momentary operational error can drastically reduce your life, and even if you run around, you’ll be caught up by the enemy in no time, and when it comes to bosses, you’ll have to learn their movements and deal with them. If you don’t come up with a solid strategy like doing this, you won’t be able to defeat it. Most players will likely see the game over screen many times. Just to be clear, there are no settings to adjust the difficulty level.

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However, this is not to say that people who are not good at action are completely turned away. Combat will certainly become easier as you level up, and there are certain remedies, such as being able to call in NPC reinforcements for boss battles.

If you can’t defeat the boss, feel free to rely on what you can rely on.While the targets are scattered, you may find a clue to the strategy.
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Although it is difficult to say that this game is for everyone, it has beautiful graphics that are bleak but impressive, action that clearly shows the results of the player’s technique and experience, and a puzzle style that revolves around a lamp. There are many highlights, such as the field structure and the fun of exploration. Due to the environment being a pre-release play, we were not able to touch on online elements, but there are some things like co-op play and “intrusion” by other players.Standard elements are includedIt seems so.
If you like Soul-like games or are interested in highly difficult action games where the player’s techniques are directly reflected, why not give this game a try?