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Bully is one of the most renowned titles from GTA developer Rockstar Games. Bully was released back in 2006 and was praised for its story filled with activities, amazing soundtrack, and humorous characters, selling over 1.5 million copies.

The game was released 17 years ago today and gamers have been asking and hoping for a Bully sequel for a long time. Although there has been no comment from Rockstar on this, fans believe it is the game that truly deserves a sequel or at least a remaster for new-gen platforms.

Rockstar Games’ Bully Sequel Is Nowhere Near

Rockstar Games' Bully is now 17 years old and still there are no signs for a sequel.
Rockstar Games’ Bully is now 17 years old and still, there are no signs of a sequel.

Bully is appreciated for almost everything from its setting to the storyline. The game has some of the best NPC interactions, the school theme captivates players with amazing combat elements, and nerds and athletes make the gameplay very enjoyable. The game has a Metascore of 87 with a Metacritic user rating of 8.7.

Players have been asking for a Bully sequel but it seems highly unlikely at the moment. There have been rumors that the game was actively in development for about two years before it was put on hold by Rockstar Games for Max Payne 3. A rumor about the game also came from an industry insider who said that Rockstar Games could work on a Bully Sequel after GTA 6 is released.

It was also said that the Bully sequel could feature an honor system just like Red Dead Redemption 2 and will be three times larger than the original game. The sequel could also feature multiple enterable buildings other than the school if that’s the setting of the game and will expand players’ abilities to explore. Still, there have been no comments from Rockstar Games yet.

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Bully: A Rockstar Masterpiece

Fans have been long asking for a Bully sequel but to no avail.
Fans have been long asking for a Bully sequel but to no avail.

Bully is one of the most popular games ever from Rockstar and when the game was released, it was so scandalous that the name of the game was changed in the UK to Canis Canem Edit. However, the game was very simple beneath the surface despite the criticism of it being set in a school and the name, Bully.

Players take on the role of a schoolboy Jimmy Hopkins who was a victim of bullying more than he bullied others and the story of the game was to bring an end to bullying at the Bullworth Academy. Players could steal bikes and fight with other students and it is almost like GTA but in school, minus the violence and adult activities.

What stood out for players in Bully from other games set in schools was the real experience of school life, school children’s daily struggles, and more. In the game, players have to stop student groups from fighting and even if they team up and mostly fight the players, players can get them on their side by completing several missions.

Several rumors have surfaced that Bully sequel was in works but Rockstar put it on hold and it could work on the game after GTA 6.
Several rumors have surfaced that the Bully sequel was in the works but Rockstar put it on hold and it could work on the game after GTA 6.

The game also has various mini-games, players can race go-karts, kick footballs, and just roam around the campus. Bully also has some gadgets apt to the setting such as spud guns, stink bombs, itching powder, and slingshot. Players could also be gay as there were achievements for kissing girls and boys.

Bully was initially launched for PlayStation 2 but is now available for almost every platform. Rockstar Games also released Bully: Scholarship Edition which is available to play on Xbox 360 and PS4. Bully is considered one of the best games from the studio and players have shown quite some interest in the sequel.

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Rockstar Games is very selective about what games it wants to work on and what not, and while there is nothing concrete known about a potential sequel, players are holding on to the hopes that one day they might just get Bully 2.

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