Rockstar is preparing to announce GTA 6 on October 26! Latest

GTA 5 was released almost 10 years ago, and since then everyone has been wondering about the next part, while Rockstar did not make any direct statements even after the uproar caused by the recent leak. MarxxChris, one of the reliable leakers, expects that Rockstar will announce its biggest and long-awaited title, GTA 6, on October 26th.

MarxxChris asserts that Rockstar is preparing to reveal GTA 6 next October 26, according to his post on the InfinityBesk Who mentioned that the aforementioned history will one day be interesting, to say the least. InfinityBesk is reported to be a retired GTA detective, and we don’t know if he is expecting or has a source inside Rockstar.

As for MarxxChris, he is a reliable, reputable leaker who has a wonderful past with leaks for some games such as Pay Day 3 and Dragon’s Dogma II, in addition to previous leaks about GTA 6, including that Rockstar will improve the realism of random events such as chases and robberies of the playable character’s house or car.


Not only that, MarxxChris also expects that GTA 6 will be released for home and PC platforms at the same time instead of launching it a year apart between the two platforms as most studios do. This ensures that all players will enjoy the game when it is released by the beginning or middle of 2025. However, these leaks are highly doubtful since Rockstar has not confirmed any of them, and all that can be done is to wait for the aforementioned date, which will prove whether the leak is true or not.

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