Rockstar removes all content from GTA 6! Only one thing left Latest

Rockstar is removing everything from GTA VI. They forgot one?

A Twitter user nicknamed “InfinityBesk”, who calls himself a “retired GTA detective”, has been publishing a lot of different materials from the “six” on his profile in recent days. They mainly showed gameplay and concerned the two main characters – Jason and Lucia.

Rockstar Games consistently removed everything due to copyright infringement, but as it turns out, one thing remained public. It’s literally just one frame from a “crash test” of a car, showing a fragment of a highway, a clothes and footwear store, and several skyscrapers in the background. That’s all.

Why didn’t Rockstar Games decide to report copyright infringement for this one image? There are several theories. The first one assumes that it is only due to being overlooked in the multitude of other reports. According to the second one, the above frame comes from the “six” in the early phase of its development, which is why the developers were not particularly concerned about its leakage. The third one is that the screenshot above just… doesn’t show GTA VI. What is it like in reality? We probably won’t find out.

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Date of creation: September 12, 2023, 12:05 pm

Rockstar removes all content from GTA 6!  Only one thing left

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