Rockstar’s flagship is said to offer a huge leap in graphics and realistic physics Latest

According to new reports, the long-awaited Rockstar flagship “GTA 6” will offer a larger graphical leap than the studio’s past projects. The open-world adventure is said to have, among other things, the best water simulation in a video game of all time.

Rockstar’s flagship is said to offer a huge leap in graphics and realistic physics

There is hardly a game for whose release players wait as long and persistently as the sixth part of “Grand Theft Auto”. At the beginning of last year, Rockstar Games finally officially confirmed work on “GTA 6,” which has been in development for several years.

The studio would of course do well to get the best possible out of the new offshoot. After all, “GTA” is Rockstar Games’ best-known and most popular brand. Now some new details have emerged about what the open-world adventure could have to offer on a technical level.

A report from the French magazine officially recognized by the studio Rockstar Mag According to “GTA 6”, we can expect a graphical leap that is greater than between “GTA 5” and “Red Dead Redemption 2”. This is supposed to be made possible by the new version of Rockstar’s own Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (RAGE), which is considered one of the most advanced and best game engines.

RAGE Engine 9 promises a huge leap in graphics and hyper-realistic physics

To ensure the graphics are as realistic as possible, Rockstar is primarily working on implementing realistic water. For this purpose, the studio has founded its own subdivision called the “RAGE Technology Group”, which works alone on the simulation of realistic H2O. This team has probably managed to simulate almost photorealistic water in real time using a revolutionary system just in time for “GTA 6”. Rockstar Mag’ lists some example videos.

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There should also be a huge improvement when it comes to vehicle physics in the game. With more polygons, vehicle damage should be animated much more realistically and also have an impact on the handling of the vehicle. Light and weather also seem to have undergone a major improvement and are being integrated into the game world in a much more dynamic way.

Further reports about GTA 6:

With all this information, it should be remembered that Rockstar Mag’s report has not yet been confirmed in any way and should therefore be viewed with caution.

However, it is quite to be expected that the developers at “Rockstar Games” will do everything they can to create a new masterpiece with “GTA 6”. Exactly when the sixth offshoot of the series will appear is still unclear. However, a release before the end of 2024 seems very unlikely. The game will most likely be released for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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