Rumor: GTA 6 will be released on Nintendo Switch 2 Latest

Journalist and editor-in-chief of the portal Universo Nintendo Felipe Lima States that GTA 6 will be released on the successor Nintendo Switch.

The insider stated this in response to a comment under one of his posts, where he talks about the potential to see an unprecedented situation in this generation where the new Nintendo console will have content parity with other platforms and receive all games at the same time as Xbox and PlayStation, if confirmed. that it’s conditional Switch 2 will support ray tracing and reconstruction of ray tracing.

Lima noted that he already had hopes for this, given the “behind-the-scenes” information he’s heard about projects for Switch 2, but now he’s even more excited for the console.

Earlier, the same journalist stated that the new Nintendo console would also allegedly release Far Cry 7and the release will take place simultaneously with other platforms.

However, there has been no confirmation of this at the moment, so the news should be considered a rumor for now.

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