RUMOR: GTA 6 will have revolutionary physics and realistic crashes Latest

It’s been ten years since the release of Grand Theft Auto V and five years since Red Dead Redemption 2, with the Rockstar Games to work feverishly on the highly anticipated GTA 6. It looks like all that waiting will be more than worth it, since according to a new report making the rounds on the internet, we can expect some very impressive upgrades to the open-world title.

Specifically, the medium Rockstar Mag that specializes in the company’s games managed to obtain – as it claims – some information about the technological upgrades that the developers are preparing in RAGE Engine. Going into details, the report highlights that Rockstar’s graphics engine will receive one of the biggest upgrades in its history, with the jump to be much bigger than what we saw from GTA 5 to Red Dead Redemption 2.

Huge emphasis has been placed on physicswith Rockstar doing for example very big improvements to driving and vehicles. Now car models will consist of many more polygons and so on crashes will become much more realisticsince it will vehicles will be able to deform in more detail.

RUMOR: GTA 6 will have revolutionary physics and realistic crashes

Rockstar is noted as having done huge upgrades to water physics as well. In particular, instead of using a mesh system for rendering, as in GTA 5, has developed a revolutionary – by industry standards – system which simulates water in real time. It’s technology we’ve seen in movies that Rockstar has managed to run in real time. Through the following video you can get a taste of the level that Rockstar has theoretically reached, if the information from Rockstar Mag is correct.

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The outlet speculates that this means that the water element will be strong in GTA 6, with many missions and activities at sea. Of course, if we consider how we will visit Vice City again, this emphasis sounds very reasonable.

Continuing, beyond the revolutionary water physics system, Rockstar is noted to have done jumps in other aspects of the graphics as welllike the already impressive lighting system of, at PBR (Physics-Based Rendering) textures/materials and at volumetric clouds in the sky.

End, talking about cloudsthe report emphasizes how GTA 6 will have a real-time weather and meteorology system and not just moments when it rains. This impressive system it will affect the environment and gameplay. The medium specifically mentions:

The winds will whip the vegetation and create waves that will disturb the peace and quiet of the people on the beach. Rain and wind will also affect the cars handling while traveling at high speeds. Sunrises and sunsets will be more realistic than ever and nights will be more thrilling…

Of course, since Rockstar Games has yet to make any official confirmation, we suggest you take all of the above with a grain of salt.

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