Rumor shows that “GTA 6” could cost R$750 at launch Latest

The next game in one of the most beloved franchises in the gaming world could have a very high price. Understand why “GTA 6” will be more expensive

Vinicius Marques

4 weeks ago

Rumor shows that “GTA 6” could cost R0 at launch

Image: Rockstar/Reproduction

While Take-Two does not release official information about the development process of “GTA 6”, rumors surrounding the game are gaining more and more traction on the internet. The most recent concerns the price and, if confirmed, it could generate a lot of controversy among the franchise’s loyal audience.

According to the new information, the game could cost US$150 — which is approximately R$750. Many fans are betting that the launch of the game will be responsible for the billion-dollar revenues projected by Take-Two for next year.

On the other hand, gamers need to treat this information with great caution, as Take-Two games, although they have increased in price in recent years, are still relatively affordable — with the most expensive ones costing just US$70. the standard version of the game is more or less in this price range.

However, there is also the possibility that a possible special edition (with extra benefits) could in fact be much more expensive than the others. Still, an increase of this magnitude would be a very atypical move in the games industry and would certainly face protests across the planet.

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Record budget?

According to the hacker responsible for the massive leaks at the end of last year — when more than 90 videos of the development process were leaked —, the title has the biggest budget in the entire history of games. Information indicates that the game has been in development since 2014 and has a budget of US$2 billion.

This value far exceeds that of other popular big-budget titles. Rokcstar developed “Red Dead Redemption 2”, for example, which is also under the Take-Two umbrella. It had a budget close to US$600 million.

The expectation is that the official announcement of “GTA 6” will take place in November this year, while the launch should be scheduled for next year. As you, dear reader, can imagine, there is still no official confirmation of when this should happen.