Rumors of GTA 6 being sold for $150 stirred up the community Latest

Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) is one of the most anticipated games in recent history, and it’s understandable that there are countless rumors surrounding its upcoming release. The most recent and most practical news is that “GTA 6 will cost 150 USD” which has caused a stir in the community. With such a large following for GTA 6, it means that many people are willing to listen when anything new is announced.

Rumors of GTA 6 being sold for 0 stirred up the community

GTA 6 hasn’t been released yet but has already caused a stir in the player community

With the cost of playing games becoming more and more expensive, it is reasonable that the above rumors about GTA 6 are true. However, as is the case with many things that originate on the internet, it is important to take a closer look at the source of the facts to determine whether the rumor has merit or is just conjecture. In the case of the rumored $150 price tag for GTA 6, the answer might be a bit more complicated.

Niche Gamer “fired” the first shot with the news that GTA 6 costs 150 USD but they only posted one line, no explanation or source was given. On top of that, the publication itself also says that GTA 6 is “rumored” to cost $150. The lack of details makes the $150 price tag all the more confusing since nowhere is it mentioned whether that will be the price of GTA 6 or the enhanced version when the game launches.

There will likely be more rumors and claims about GTA 6 leading up to an official announcement from publisher Rockstar Games or the game’s parent company Take-Two Interactive. Both have remained tight-lipped until now, not giving any details about GTA 6, except for a line written on social networks in February 2022 from Rockstar Games confirming that “the project is being worked on”.

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Rumor that GTA 6 is sold for 150 USD stirs up the community - Photo 2.

Maybe the $150 price tag is just a rumor

Theoretically, although the leaks regarding GTA 6’s price are just speculation, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that there could be a GTA 6 version priced at $150 or even higher. Notably, collector’s editions are known to sell for over $150, with a recent notable example being the Starfield Constellation Edition which retails for nearly $300. Similarly, Blizzard’s Diablo IV was released in an Ultimate Edition priced at $100 with an optional “Limited Collector’s Box” priced at $96.66.

It’s important to note that typically, these collector’s editions also come with out-of-game collectibles to offset some of the purchase cost, which can be purchased for under $100. With the strong fan base and appeal of GTA 6, it is certain that Rockstar Games will capitalize on the huge following from previous GTA games and GTA Online by offering additional collector’s editions.

Rumor that GTA 6 is sold for 150 USD stirs up the community - Photo 3.

Take-Two Interactive’s CEO hinted that GTA 6 could launch in 2025

Not only does it go against the company’s financial goals, many people will likely be willing to pay a little extra, especially if it comes with a unique, out-of-game item commemorating the launch of the game. game. However, the cost of this version is hypothetical and may depend significantly on the rewards and bonuses offered in the enhanced version. Since non-game items are not cheap to produce, this will likely greatly affect the price of any included collector’s edition of GTA 6.

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