Saiga NAK’s Report: TGS2023’s “Indie Game” corner breaks records with largest number of entries!

Report on the indie game corner!


Saiga wants

A trial version of this superhero action game was on display.
I felt that the appeal of this work, published by Chorus Worldwide, is that it allows you to fly like a hero and is powerful.

You can switch flight modes using the Y button on the gamepad, and it feels great to soar through the sky with just one button.
Instead of gliding, you can fly, which is what everyone imagines, and you can travel around the open world at incredible speeds.
The controls were intuitive, and I was able to experience a part of the hero experience immediately after playing the game.
Players were also able to use “superpowers,” and there were four types of techniques that consumed a large amount of energy and caused great damage.
There are some actions that seem to be inspired by famous hero techniques, such as shooting beams from the eyes or collecting power in a familiar pose and emitting a large energy wave, and of course these are also pleasant content. It was finished.

“UNDEFEATED: Genesis” image
Steam store page

It was also possible to “scrape the terrain” by attacking.
This expanded the way you could play, such as being able to obtain various items and finding holes under large rocks.
Not only this, but the degree to which the terrain is carved out increases depending on the power of the attack technique, so you can experience the power of a superhero.

This work, where you can feel the love and respect for “heroes”, is currently available to add to your wishlist on Steam, so if you’re interested,store pageLet’s check it out.
Also, the previous work “UNDEFEATED” can be downloaded and played for free on Steam, so if you can’t wait, check it out.

Star Leaping Story

Star Leaping Story
Saiga wants

This work is a side-scrolling platformer action game, and the demo version was on display.
The pixel art looks cute, but the unique mid-air dash system makes it a pretty solid action game.

If you fall into the air, you can stay in the air by pressing the space key, and if you press the arrow keys (↑↓→←) at that time, you will dash in the direction you entered.
If you press the arrow key again during a dash action, you can change direction while continuing to dash, so use this to avoid complicated terrain and aim for the goal of the stage.
When you dash, “inertia” works, so you can move quickly through the stage while controlling it, and controlling this inertia is what makes the game so interesting.
However, there is a limit to the number of times you can dash, so you have to be careful as you progress through the stages.

The number of dashes is restored when you land on safe ground, so if you fail again by hitting a wall or a spike, you can immediately start over at the last save point you reached.
It is a game where you have to repeat trial and error many times to pass the stage.
The game has simple rules and an intuitive system, so I thought it was good that you could play even if you didn’t understand the language.
Also, the trial and error cycle was so fast that I ended up losing track of when to stop (I ended up enjoying the game and lost track of time for about 20 minutes).
It looks like it’s going to be a game that you can play using just your motor nerves, so I feel like it’s a game that’s recommended for people who want to lose track of time and immerse themselves in the game, or people who want to play a well-finished action game.

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Star Leaping Story image
Steam store page

Also, the pixel art is cute, so even those who are familiar with retro games will find it easy to get into.
It’s scheduled to be released in 2023, so I’d like to play it once it’s released.
If you are interested after reading thisDemo versionDownload it and don’t forget to add it to your wishlist.

BQMR(BlockQuest Maker Remasterd)

BQMR(BlockQuest Maker Remasterd)
Saiga wants

BQMR (BlockQuest Maker Remastered) could be played on a portable device.
Unlike the two titles above, this one is already being distributed with great popularity.
This game is a dungeon maker game where you create and play.
As it is written as Remastered version, it was released in the past.Same titleIt is a powered up version of.

The good things about this game are that “the dungeons you create can be played by people all over the world,” and “there are so many gimmicks that you can create a wide range of dungeons.”
My impressions after playing the game were that there were a lot of gimmicks.
There are not only switches, doors connected to them, and scaffolding that can be placed, but also NPCs and a currency system.
Solving puzzles, reaching the goal through action, defeating monsters and leveling up, there are probably quite a few dungeons waiting for you (there are countless dungeons even if you just look at them). (You can play it endlessly).

According to a staff member, there are already “several thousand dungeons in existence.”
Even if you have zero programming knowledge, you can create complex gimmicks, and as an extensibility, you can also create dungeons using an editor, so if you’re looking for a more challenging experience, you can use that.
Compared to other games of the same genre, this work is full of charm and is already on sale as mentioned above.
SteamPS5XBOXIt is a work that you should definitely play on your own platform.
It’s also a past work,SwitchHowever, you can play it, so if you don’t have the platform listed above, please check it out.

beast escape

beast escape
Saiga wants

Beast Escape is an escape game.
The stage I played had a condition where all you had to do was bring 5 animals with you to the goal, but the staff told me that other stages have different conditions.

In addition to the fun of a simple puzzle-solving game, this game has fun that you can’t get from just a regular puzzle-solving game, with “talking with the animals” being humorous, fun, cute, and scary. It was quite fun to simply find animals and talk to them.
If you talk to them, you’ll end up taking them with you, or they’ll help you with certain events, so if you actively talk to them, you’ll be able to clear the game.

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Also, as it is a beast, “100 animals actually appear in the game”, so it seems like a clear goal is to make all the animals your companions.
Also, not all of the animals in the stage are friendly, and some may even attack you.
There are sometimes tense scenes where you have to run away and avoid GameOver, so it’s important to be careful with scary-looking animals in advance.

If you are interested, it has already been distributed.SteamSwitchiOSAndroidYou can buy it and play it, so please give it a try.

MIRAGE: Stupid Fire

MIRAGE: Stupid Fire
Saiga wants

This is a 3D puzzle game where you move through stages by tilting a rectangular box and carrying it to the goal.
The main content of the game is to aim for the goal by changing the way the stage looks and connecting paths by changing the angle of the camera or by tilting the box you are operating, or by changing the way the box is tilted you can advance down a path that cannot be advanced. .
It’s a simple game, but the feeling you get when you can go to a place you can’t go to is a very satisfying feeling.
This is a feeling that can only be experienced by actually touching it, so when it was demoed or released, it was a must-have item.

There is no demo version yet and the compatible platforms are undecided, but the previous game isiOSAndroidYou can play with it, so please play with it if you like.

MIRAGE: Ignis Fatuus image

Out of the World

Saiga wants

This work is a 2D puzzle game in a world where “only what you can see exists”, where you “see” the terrain, make it materialize, and control the characters to reach the goal.
Also, if you close your eyes and open them again, the materialized terrain disappears, so the game makes full use of this.
This game has quite unique content, and the thrill of seeing the terrain appearing and disappearing combined with the pitch-black game screen is an irresistible experience.
It’s a puzzle game, so what’s going on with this? It was a game that made me want to try it out, but at the same time, the thrill of disappearing and potentially falling was an unbearable feeling.
It felt almost like a test of courage.

This “new sensation” work has already been released.SteamIt is distributed by.
There are 50 stages, so it seems like it will be quite fun to play.
Please pick it up and play with it.


Saiga wants

This is a truly mysterious “sound creation” game.
The game is officially described as a laid-back roguelite music production game where you can enjoy creating your own handmade music.
To explain the progress of this game, a cute train takes you to various stages.
On that stage, objects fall down like building blocks, and when you fit or place them in a place where they can fit, a sound will be produced.
The sound changes depending on the object, so I create my own unique sound by repeating that process.

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Once you’re satisfied with the sound, press the button on the train and it will take you to the next stage, which is how the game progresses.
As the stage progresses, the number of sounds increases, and you can gradually feel your own music being created.
This in itself is of course interesting, but I think the appeal of this work is that it’s fun just to hear the sound.
Just as a baby is happy when you shake a rattle, when ODDADA makes a sound and the sound changes, “I don’t know why, but it’s fun.”
It’s fun to think about what kind of music you want to make and what kind of sounds it will make when you put it on, but I couldn’t hide my surprise and had a big smile on my face when I saw that just the sound produced had a pleasant tactile feel. .

This work cannot be understood just by looking at the video or game image.SteamYou can add it to your wishlist, and it’s said to be coming soon, so be sure to check out this mysterious music production game when it’s released.


Saiga wants

I would also like to introduce this game, which was located at the academy booth rather than the indie game booth.
This game is a combination of 2D action and gun shooting created by students at the Vantan Game Academy.
Even though it is a student work, it is a solid action shooting game, so please give it a try when it is released.

The appeal of this work is the fun simulation of thinking about the bullets to load into the gun and the order in which they should be loaded.
Before playing a stage, there is a preparation phase, in which you have time to load bullets into your revolver one by one, and choose bullets to carry one by one.
There are three types of bullets: penetrating bullets, ricochet bullets, and regular bullets, and the order in which they are fired can be determined in advance.
The enemies and positions that will appear are determined in advance for each stage, so the main game content is to memorize them and repeat trial and error to conquer the stages.

It is possible to defeat an enemy with a single blow with a knife attack, or avoid enemy bullets with an evasive action, but this involves considerable risk and increases the risk of failure.
For this reason, I tried to solve the problem by simulating what to do at that time, but I felt that it was a well-balanced game that required improvisation on the spot.
As the stage progresses, there are scenes that require action, such as areas that you must avoid at all costs to get past, and it has a swamp-like charm that keeps you hooked.

This work isSteamIt is said that it will be released soon, so please add it to your wishlist and play it.

RED MASK image
Stema store page

That’s all for the introduction to the indie game corner.
There are some titles that have not been distributed yet, so while you wait for them, please try playing the already distributed titles introduced here and recommend them to your friends and acquaintances.