Saudi Arabia chosen as host for UNWTO’s 26th General Assembly in 2025

The UNWTO has announced that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will host its 26th General Assembly in 2025.

The news follows the recent hosting of the United Nations Environment Programme’s MENA Climate Week, held in Riyadh in October this year.

Saudi Arabia has been selected to host UNWTO’s 26th General Assembly in 2025; Riyadh, pictured

The UNWTO announcement was made during the participation of Ahmed Al-Khatib, minister of tourism, at the 25th General Assembly, held in the city of Samarkand, Uzbekistan, from October 16 to 20.

He commented: “Our hosting of the 26th General Assembly underscores our commitment to lead global tourism towards a brighter and more collaborative future. It also highlights our significant achievements in the Executive Council, which the Kingdom assumed leadership of in 2023.”

Saudi Arabia recognises the tourism sector’s potential as a catalyst for change, innovation, and prosperity, and is committed to supporting a global tourism sector that can be both sustainable and prosperous.

The hosting of the 26th General Assembly in 2025 will provide an opportunity for the Kingdom to showcase its tourism and cultural developments, and bolster international cooperation in this vital sector.

During the 25th General Assembly in Uzbekistan, the Kingdom hosted a dinner party, where ministers and dignitaries celebrated Saudi Arabia’s selection as the location for the next edition. The occasion served as an opportunity to introduce the rich and diverse experiences that Member States can look forward to during their visit in 2025.


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