Save up to 80% on “Ghost of Tsushima DC” and “World of Final Fantasy Maxima” – Don’t miss out on amazing deals! Check out more affordable indie titles on eShop/PS Store.

Save up to 80% on “Ghost of Tsushima DC” and “World of Final Fantasy Maxima” – Don’t miss out on amazing deals! Check out more affordable indie titles on eShop/PS Store.

The Nintendo eShop and PlayStation Store not only sell downloadable versions, but also regularly hold sales where some eligible titles are offered at discounted prices.

Sale software is added to the eShop from time to time, and the PS Store regularly holds sales that combine multiple titles. However, all sale prices are for a limited time only, so you may often miss out on a great deal on the title you’re interested in.

What kind of sale software is currently lined up in each shop? We have carefully selected the lineups that we would like to draw your attention to and will deliver them all here. If you want to take advantage of the great deals, please take a look.

■PS4 “Ghost of Tsushima DIRECTOR’S CUT” 3,187 yen (PS Store): Until October 11th

The first thing I would like to introduce is an action RPG set in Tsushima.『Ghost of Tsushima DIRECTOR’S CUT』. In addition to the elements of the unbranded version, it also includes battles in the new land “Iki” added in DLC, so it can be called a complete version. It is a work with a very high level of play satisfaction,3,187 yenIf so, you can say it’s surprisingly good value for money.

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By the way, the PS5 version is also on sale, but the price is slightly different, and the sale price4,258 yenIt becomes.Also, if you already have the unbranded version of “Ghost of Tsushima”, you can get a 50% discount on the “Ghost of Tsushima DIRECTOR’S CUT” upgrade.1,100 yenIt’s on sale at , so please consider this.

■Switch/PS5/PS4 “No Man’s Sky” 3,025 yen (e-shop/PS Store): Until October 15th/October 11th

An “endless adventure” awaits you in the literal sense of the word, set in the great cosmos and countless stars.『No Man’s Sky』But now it’s 50% OFF3,025 yenYou can get it at The degree of freedom is very high, and there are very few game restrictions, so you can run around the stars as you like.

You can continue searching for your ideal planet, build a huge base, or search around for your own spaceship. From epic adventures to the loneliness of space, you can experience plenty of stimulation that you would never experience in your everyday life. What’s more, if you have PS5 or PS4, you can also play on compatible VR devices. We recommend it because you can enjoy the adventure of traveling through the universe as if you were actually in that world.

■PS4 “Pathfinder: Kingmaker Definitive Edition” 1,755 yen (PS Store): Until October 11th

Enjoy a wide range of activities, from adventures in fantasy worlds to ruling kingdoms.“Pathfinder: Kingmaker Definitive Edition”. The game is based on a TRPG, and the feeling of going on an adventure with your own hands is very rewarding.

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It’s a sit-down type of game, so it’s easy to have different tastes, but once you get into it, it’s a game you’ll be so passionate about that time will melt away.Also, the discount rate is high, 80% OFF.1,755 yenYou can buy it at a sale price that makes it easy for people who have been interested in it for a while, as well as those who are newly interested, to get their hands on it.

■Switch/PS4 “World of Final Fantasy Maxima” 2,552 yen (e-shop/PS Store): Until October 11th

“World of Final Fantasy” was released in October 2016, and features many cute characters from the “FF” series who help the protagonists on their adventures.

After that, the DLC “Maxima Upgrade” which added various additional elements was provided, but when both elements were combined as a set,“World of Final Fantasy Maxima”Sale is currently going on. The PS4 version is a set of the main game and the upgrade, while the Switch version is a single set, but there is no difference in content, so please choose according to your preference.

We also have a great selection of affordable indie works!