Some fans are convinced: Rockstar will show GTA 6 this week Latest

Fans have been waiting for a successor to Grand Theft Auto 5 for a decade now, and as a result, they are increasingly desperate for clues as to when the sixth part of the series will finally be revealed: And some say: very soon.

Some fans are convinced: Rockstar will show GTA 6 this week

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Ten years after GTA 5

Rockstar Games presented GTA 5 on September 17, 2013 and has since released thirty remastered versions of the megahit, not to mention what feels like 34,000 expansions for Grand Theft Auto Online. It’s no longer a secret that Rockstar is working on the sequel, but with the exception of a big leak, there hasn’t been anything concrete to see so far.

Fans naturally look for a clue in every official image and are now convinced that they have actually found it. Because Rockstar Games has published an artwork on Twitter or X that promotes an in-game event called Happy Moon Festival. The accompanying image shows two game characters in red T-shirts, which you can also get when you log into the game at some point this week.

This is anything but unusual, as such actions and events are more or less the order of the day in the online branch of Grand Theft Auto 5. However, the picture has a special feature: The two figures are standing in front of the “Vinewood” sign, the Hollywood counterpart of GTA.

But they are so in front of them that only the “VI” can be seen at the top left – and you can imagine that this is a hit for fans who think that this is only intended to refer to Grand Theft Auto VI. And that may be intentional, but the developers probably just want to troll here.

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How Rock, Paper, Shotgun writes, there were also even more absurd associations that would make even Hermann Rorschach (the one with the test) blush with shame if he were still alive. There were GTA fans who analyzed the shape of the moon and came to the conclusion that this type of moon will be visible tomorrow. That’s probably not the case, but maybe Rockstar will finally come to terms with it and finally release the trailer.


  • Grand Theft Auto (GTA) fans have been waiting for the successor to GTA 5 for a decade.
  • Rockstar Games has released many remasters and expansions since the release of GTA 5.
  • It is known that Rockstar is working on a sequel, but there is little concrete information.
  • Fans are looking for clues about the sixth part in official images.
  • A recently released artwork shows two figures in front of the “Vinewood” sign, with only “VI” visible.
  • Some fans interpret this as a reference to GTA VI, but it could also be a joke from the developers.
  • There were also more absurd interpretations, such as analyzing the shape of the moon on the artwork.

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