Sony’s exclusive invitation-only promotion: Free games for PS5 buyers

Sony’s promo for a free game when you buy a PS5 is apparently by invite only according to a new report from Video Games Chronicle. When Sony launched the promotion last month, the terms of the offer didn’t specifically state that you had to receive an invite to be eligible for a free game. Just that you would need to be a new PS5 owner who recently bought the console between certain dates, as well as live in and purchase the console in the US. Based on the wording, anyone who bought the PS5 between September 23 and October 20 would be eligible.

But that isn’t the case. Those who are eligible would have an option of picking one free game from a list of Sony titles. This included recent hits like God of War Ragnarok, Horizon Forbidden West, The Last Of Us Part 1, Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut and more. By all accounts, a really good deal for anyone who may have only had enough money to buy the PS5 but no games.

Sony has updated the terms of its free PS5 game promo

Sony has done this on the sly but it didn’t escape the notice of some. While the initial terms of the promo didn’t specify that it was invite only, the updated terms now clarify things a bit more. Clearly stating this is an invite only promo and that you will need one from Sony to claim a free game.

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Just like with invites to test out the PS5 beta software you should receive an invite by email if you’re selected. Unfortunately this means that just buying the PS5 within the designated dates won’t guarantee you a free game. But if you were planning to buy a PS5 anyway you should still do so. As you might get lucky and receive an invite.

What you don’t need an invite for is access to the new Sony Pictures Core app where you can stream up to 100 movies for free on your PS5. You do however need a PlayStation Plus Premium subscription.

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Oct 06, 2023