Sony’s latest consoles unveiled

PlayStation fans have been waiting for the new PS5 for what feels like an eternity – now Sony is revealing the new consoles. The new models are lighter and smaller – and the digital version can be retrofitted with a disc drive in the future. But there are also disadvantages.

Sony’s latest consoles unveiled

Sony shows two new PS5 models

It has been hinted at several times in the last few months, there have been a lot of leaks and rumors and now it’s official: Sony is saying goodbye to its old PS5 models and updates both the disc and digital editions.

The announcement is made by one official blog entry. This is what the two new variants look like:

When it comes to appearance, the new PS5 models only differ slightly from the old ones. (Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

There is now a small recess in the housing of both models, which doubles the number of housing plates from two to four – and there is also a new stand. From now on it will Only a stand is included for placing the console horizontally. However, if you want to place the new PS5 vertically, you have to buy your own stand, which costs another 29.99 euros.

There was already talk of this in advance (source: gaming tips), now we are certain: Sony has come up with something very special for the digital edition of the PS5. Who wants, can later expand the new digital model with a disc drive. The disc drive will be available separately for 119.99 euros.

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Remove the housing cover, put the disc drive in, put a new housing cover on it – and the digital edition of the PS5 becomes the disc version! (Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

While we’re on the subject of PS5 accessories, these gadgets make the Sony console even better:

PS5-Zubehör: Must-Haves für die neue Playstation-Generation!

New PS5 models: Everything else changes

The PS5 is slimming down. The two new models weigh significantly less than the two launch versions and are somewhat slimmer even compared to the revised version – also in terms of dimensions:

PS5 (Disc / Launch-Modell) PS5 (Disc / new model) PS5 (Digital / Launch-Modell) PS5 (Digital / new model)
Dimensions (width x height x depth) 39,0 × 10,4 × 26,0 cm 35,8 × 9,6 × 21,6 cm 39,0 × 9,2 × 26,0 cm 35,8 × 8,0 × 21,6 cm
Weight 4.5 Kilograms 3.2 Kilograms 3.9 Kilograms 2.6 Kilograms

In addition, Sony is addressing one of the biggest criticisms of the current PS5 models with the revised versions: the amount of onboard memory. While the current models are currently only delivered with 825 GB, the new variants will a 1TB SSD are used. This doesn’t make the roast greasy, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Also interesting: According to the listed specifications, the new PS5 models should finally 8K output support. 8K was also advertised in the old models, but so far the consoles only supported 4K output. It remains to be seen whether this is again a deception or whether Sony might even activate 8K support for the old consoles via a software update.

Important for everyone who regularly uses the front ports of their PS5: While the current models have both a classic USB-A and a USB-C port, the new versions have one on the front only USB-C ports – two in number. If you want to use USB-A, you inevitably have to use the connections on the back.

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When will the new PS5 models be released? And how expensive will they be?

According to Sony, the new PS5 models should as early as November 2023 in the USA start selling. In the coming months they also want to serve other regions. The new console versions will probably already be sold here during the Christmas season. This is how much the two new versions should cost:

  • PS5 (Disc-Version): 549 Euro
  • PS5 (Digital-Version): 449 Euro

Good to know: Sony confirms again in the blog entry that the new models completely replace the old versions. The current PS5 models will only be sold off and then replaced by the new ones.

This is probably why Sony has significantly reduced the price of the old PS5 models in the last few months:

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