Speculation under the microscope. Is Red Dead 3 coming and GTA 6 stt double? Latest

Speculation under the microscope.  Is Red Dead 3 coming and GTA 6 stt double?

Red Dead Redemption (Switch)

Watching game speculation is a sport for myself. The situation changes from day to day, the probabilities rise and fall, and without the company and studio involved officially stepping into the situation, one can speculate endlessly. Some time ago, we decided in the editorial office that we would pay attention only to the really interesting information and let the rest be, otherwise it would all go over our heads.

On the other hand, there are essentially whole gaming communities where gossip, fabulation, ept and speculation are all in one piece. And she’s actually pretty cool. We have therefore decided to devote ourselves to speculation at least once every hour, collect the most important ones and comment on what we think they have roughly the same chance of fulfilling.

We will always divide this practical information into the following categories. The first of them has a green light from us, so let’s think that there will be something on them. And because it is essentially a question of certainty, and also because the sources seem to us to be relatively favorable.

The kind of category I have on the traffic lights is a lot, and we simply don’t have anything else, no, no. It is information that, on the one hand, we would not be able to pick up on our fingers, but on the other hand, it is simply impossible to determine from a single indication that it is based on the truth.

The last categories are absolute nonsense. You have a red face from us, and we just don’t think that something like that can really happen. There is all the guaranteed information that we have from Nintendo and stupidity that at first glance no one can see. Ok lets go.

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