Spiderman 2 Game Set to Release on October 20, 2023 for PS5

Marvel’s Spiderman 2 It is the next great exclusive game for Playstation 5 and arrives on October 20, 2023, coinciding with another great exclusive launch of the Nintendo hybrid such as Super Mario Bros Wonder. The two Spidermans return in a new adventure set in New York in which we can switch between the two characters with a single button. Peter Parkes and Miles Morales will have to work side by side after two installments in which they fought separately. Venom threatens his city and they will have to stop him.

Spiderman 2 Game: will it be the next GOTY?

Spiderman 2 Game Set to Release on October 20, 2023 for PS5

The symbiote will play a fundamental role in the plot and in the game trailers we have already seen how Peter Parker’s strength will be tested, as well as his friendships. We will fight against great villains like Venom but also against others hitherto unpublished like Kraven the Hunter. We will have access to two new districts: Brooklyn and Queens, so the world will be bigger than in the first installment and the Miles Morales spin-off. Below we leave you with a trailer of the title:


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