Starfield dominates US market sales ahead of Spider-Man’s arrival

Starfield dominates the American video game sales market although it is available on Xbox Game Pass.

Despite the disappointment of Starfieldthe Bethesda title known a historic launch for the firm. In one month, the space RPG would have exceeded the bar 10 million players. A score testifying toan important popularity upon its release. Thus, the record for the best start for a Bethesda production is currently held by its lowest rated game on Steam. Ironic, but not illogical.

With the reputation of the studio, to which we owe legendary titles like Skyrim, expectations were very high. This explains this contrast between its explosion in sales and the drop in player interest, once the discovery has passed. Despite everything, the commercial phenomenon of Starfield nonetheless remains astounding and remains a significant success for Microsoft.

Starfield : photoWhen the news is good

Starfield top 1 in the USA

For Bethesda, this is just the beginning. The firm will now have to ensure the longevity of your game and assume the consequences of his many mistakes. Some members of the company are already in the process of leaving the ship to sail towards more promising horizons. But for Microsoft, this thunderous start is more than enough.

According to analyst Mat Piscatella, of Circana, Starfield was the best-selling game in the United States this September 2023, whether in physical or digital formats. In this way, it outperforms Mortal Kombat 1 or EA Sports FC 24. And that’s no small feat. By being available, upon release, on Xbox Game Pass, Starfield could have seen lower scores, at least on the numerical side. It was not the case.

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The same reports also indicate that the PS5 still largely dominates the console market. It is therefore in this hostile climate for Xbox exclusives that Starfield triumphed. With such accomplishments, Microsoft demonstrates that neither their disadvantage in the console wars nor their Game Pass strategy are detrimental to their triple-A releases.

With its success, Starfield thus became the seventh best-selling game of the year. And this, still without counting the results of Game Pass. It could therefore be considered theoretically even higher in the final ranking. The leading positions are currently occupied by Hogwarts Legacy, Zelda : Tears of the Kingdom et Madden NFL 24.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 : photoStarfield killers

Spider-man arrive

Now, this doesn’t guarantee a bright future for Bethesda’s game. In this month of October arrives a huge PS5 exclusive which threatens to wipe out the growth of Starfield (which was already braking). New Marvel’s Spider-Man will undoubtedly experience a launch at least as colossal, benefiting from the popularity of its console and extremely positive notes from the press.

September will have been a godsend for Microsoft, because Starfield avoided it and Baldur’s Gate 3 (shifted earlier) and Spider-Manto dominate a period without real competition. Mortal Kombat 1 not playing in the same category. This will have benefited under Bethesda which, now, will have to fight not to be eclipsed. And given all the criticism floating around the game, it’s not a given.


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