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“SZ Membership,” a subscription service for the Japanese version of “WIRED” that includes members-only content, offers speculative reading and experimentation under the name of “Speculative Zone (SZ).” A stimulating theme is set every week, and the editorial department curates and delivers a selection of long reads filled with insights for the next 10 years (click here for a free trial). Weekend introducing highlights of SZ articlespodcastAlso available now!

Our annual project at the beginning of the year selects 100 startups that are currently attracting attention in Europe and delivers them to SZ members, and this year’s article introducing startups in Paris attracted particular attention. In Paris, startups in all sorts of industries, from deep space exploration to genetically modified plants, seem to be doing well in securing funding. Other articles that featured Berlin and Amsterdam also attracted attention.

There was also a lot of interest in the planned article, which seeks opinions from specialists such as industry analysts, researchers, and product designers, and expands the imagination of future gear such as headphones and cars 30 years from now. We hope you’ll enjoy the discussion surrounding various future prototypes, from in-ear headphones to flying cars.

In addition, editor-in-chief Michiaki Matsushima, who participated this year in the technology trade show “CES” held in Las Vegas every January, and Hirotaka Tanaka and Akiko Okada of UnlocX, who lead food innovation, reported from the field.Podcasts and, a newsletter summarizing the highlights was also popular. This year’s CES was filled with AI-related technologies. Why not take a look back at the details along with related articles published on

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From here, we will introduce the five most read articles, focusing on articles published for “SZ MEMBERSHIP” in January.

01. 10 hottest startups in Paris[2024 edition]


WIRED UK edition’s annual project selects 100 startups that are attracting attention in Europe. In the French capital, startups in everything from deep space exploration to genetically modified plants are securing funding. >>Read the full article

02. 10 hottest startups in Berlin[2024 edition]


The German capital is seeing the rise of startups in every sector of the economy, from fintech to foodtech. >>Read the full article

03. 10 Most Popular Startups in Amsterdam[2024 Edition]


Amsterdam is currently experiencing rapid growth in the fields of responsible AI, sustainable technology and clean technology. This is because the city is highly praised for its location, cost of living, and culture. >>Read the full article

04. Prototype the future – must-have gadgets and gear in 2053


To commemorate the 30th anniversary of “WIRED”, the “WIRED” US team tried to imagine what cars, cell phones, televisions, and other future tools will be like 30 years from now, while listening to experts’ opinions. >>Read the full article

05. “Connection” and “revival” revealed from CES filled with “AI”: SZ Newsletter


What did we learn from the annual technology trade show “CES (Consumer Electronics Show)”? Editor-in-chief Matsushima, who is on site, and Hirotaka Tanaka and Akiko Okada of UnlocX, which leads food innovation, report on the situation. >>Read the full article

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What to read about SZ membership articlespodcastCurrently being distributed!

In addition to SNEAK PEEKS at SZ MEMBERSHIP (every Saturday), in which the editor-in-chief carefully selects articles published for members of the Japanese version of WIRED and interprets them, there is also a magazine editorial postscript, science fiction writers, food innovation specialists, creators, etc. We will deliver a podcast with a talk with guests!connection to the futureFrom here

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