Streaming service wanted to grab a license Latest

Streaming service wanted to grab a license

Yes, Netflix also offers games as part of the subscription and wants to expand this area significantly in the future.

Netflix has tons of series and films on offer that are not their own production – but of course they are also exactly that. Things will probably be very similar with games in the future: According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Netflix even planned to develop its own Grand Theft Auto. Possibly because the waiting time for GTA 6 was too long for the streaming giant.

Netflix wants to enter the games market much more strongly and is planning many in-house productions, not just for cell phones

That’s what it’s about: So far, Netflix has been known primarily as a streaming provider for series and films, including many extremely successful in-house productions such as Stranger Things, Wednesday or Squid Game. As an aside, subscribers have also been able to play some iOS and Android games via the Netflix app for some time now.

For example the League of Legends offshoot Hextech Mayhem, Oxenfree 2, Spiritfarer, Moonlighter or Krispie Street:

Trailer introduces the Netflix game

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Trailer introduces the Netflix game

This should change: According to sources at the Wall Street Journals Netflix wants to secure a much larger piece of the gaming pie. These include games that can also be streamed on TV or PC – similar to Microsoft’s Xbox cloud gaming or the new PS5 streaming.

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New in house productions: According to the WSJ report, Netflix will have several hot irons in the fire when it comes to games within the next few months. The following series apparently have their own game spin-offs waiting for us, which will appear soon:

  • Squid Game
  • Wednesday
  • Black Mirror
  • Extraction
  • Sherlock Holmes

But also license titles: In addition to the games related to the Netflix series, there will also continue to be games from other developers and publishers that are purchased through licensing deals and offered in the company’s own app, such as Classic Solitaire and Bloons TD6.

Even its own GTA: A Grand Theft Auto game should probably be something in between and perhaps the best of both worlds. Apparently there are plans for Netflix to secure the official GTA license in order to launch its own game within the series.

This could have been a really smart move and most likely attracted a lot of people to the subscription service. Assuming it would have been a real, new GTA and not just a stripped-down mobile version.

What exactly was planned and why the deal didn’t happen, is unfortunately not revealed in the WSJ report. We would simply assume that Rockstar and Take Two generally did not want to give up their license in order not to damage GTA 6.

What do you say to that? How do you imagine a GTA from Netflix and which series would you like to see a game for?

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