Thailand Game Show unveils fresh gameplay footage

“Square Enix” released a new gameplay trailer for “Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth” as part of the Thailand Game Show, which includes a few new impressions of the upcoming role-playing adventure.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: New gameplay video released by the Thailand Game Show

At the “Thailand Game Show 2023”, which was held in Bangkok from October 20th to 22nd, there was a demo for the soon-to-be-released second part of the remake of the cult PS1 role-playing game “Final Fantasy VII”. Now “Square Enix” has released a gameplay video based on this demo, which offers some new impressions of the story, side quests and mini-games. It’s a slightly expanded English version of the gameplay from the Tokyo Gameshow earlier this month.

In the video, Cloud and his companions explore the much more open world compared to the first part of the remake. Various interactions with the chocobos are also shown again, as well as the chocobo farm, where you can rent the practical riding birds to explore the world. The combat gameplay is also shown in detail again. In addition to some main story cutscenes, which take place in the Junon region already introduced in previous trailers, gameplay with Cloud and Sephiroth and some details about the side quests, some of the mini-games were presented.

There is also plenty of content beyond the story

Some of them, such as the piano mini-game, the Mog house and the card game “Queen’s Blood” are already known. There will also be various racing mini-games, both on motorcycles and on the backs of chocobos, as well as a robot boxing mini-game in the style of the original on the PS1.

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So there is a lot to do outside of the main story. After all, the developers talk about over 100 hours of playing time. This is also supported by the download size of 150 GB, which even requires delivery on two disks. The new edition offers so much new and revised content that for many people the term remake no longer does it justice. The fact that they are divided into two separate games alone speaks for their scope.

Further news about Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth:

Accordingly, many are looking forward to February 29, 2024, when “Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth” will initially be released exclusively for PS5. From May 29th, the role-playing epic can also be published for other platforms. PC gamers shouldn’t have to wait too long to start their adventure.


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Further news about Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth.

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