“The GTA 6 trailer is close”, ElRubius increases the hype of Grand Theft Auto players Latest

The high expectation generated by the official announcement, with trailer and release date of Grand Theft Auto VI is undeniable, which continues to be an enigma that keeps fans in suspense. So much so, that in the hope that this information will arrive later, they cling to any possible leak no matter how vague it may be, the most recent example being a post by ElRubius where he says that the GTA 6 trailer would arrive soon.

“The GTA 6 trailer is close”, ElRubius increases the hype of Grand Theft Auto players

A message that has caused many fans of the saga to see how their hype increases even more, after several theories have recently circulated on the Internet, such as the one launched by an insider who stated that the GTA VI trailer would be released on October 26 or when Rockstar Games further fueled the community’s hopes by posting an image with the Vinewood sign. In this image, the letters ‘V’ and ‘I’ were visible, sparking several new theories that the company behind the franchise was sending us a coded message, supposedly warning that the announcement would be coming soon.

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And now, it has been the world-known and influential Spanish YouTuber ElRubius, who claimed to have information about the trailer teaser, saying in your Twitter/X account “The GTA 6 trailer is closer than you think.”

And of course, the fact that he is an incredibly popular Internet personality does not guarantee that what he says is real, but it is precisely that fame to which fans cling their hope, since it is known that large video game companies always maintain private contact with certain YouTube or Twitch celebrities, to make collaborations and issue official announcements. In addition, we must remember that Rockstar Games usually reveals games in October, and it is rumored that GTA VI could arrive in 2024, which increases the expectation even more, although perhaps everything is just mere assumptions.

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