The King Kong game’s poor quality led to limited release and viral meme status.-

Skull Island: Rise of Kong has just been released this Tuesday (17th) for PC and consoles, and the few people who were interested in this game are sharing their captures: it’s dark. On the social network X, the old Twitter, several clips show the game’s low production quality, which has become a great meme.

In a week with new releases from major franchises such as Insomniac’s Sonic, Mario and Spider-Man, it is possible to expect that a game like this will not have so much prominence. But, at least on social media, The game has attracted a lot of attention, but not for the same reasons.

Skull Island: The Rise of Kong is impressively bizarre in many ways and several posts on social media have shown the graphics and animations mercilessly. Users have called the game a fraud and advise that no one buy the new game.

How much does the game cost?

Of course, all these videos serve as endless material for memes, but they also serve as a warning. The King Kong game is available on all platforms for very high prices, reaching up to R$249.50 on PlayStation, so don’t waste your precious money on it (or at least be well aware of what you will get in return).

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The King Kong game’s poor quality led to limited release and viral meme status.-Real frame of a cutscene from the King Kong gameSource: Rick

As you can see from the horror show above, Skull Island: Rise of Kong can easily compete as one of the worst releases of 2023, if not of all time, competing directly with The Lord of The Rings Gollum.

This strange game was released on practically all platforms, Steam, Xbox, PlayStation and even the Nintendo Switch, with prices ranging from something close to R$120 to R$199.50 on the PS5, at least in the base version. With that, here’s a tip: stay away from Skull Island: Rise of Kong.