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  • Netflix would like to offer a Grand Theft Auto spin-off game on its platform
  • It should be a mobile game that will have nothing to do with GTA 6

GTA 6 is one of the most anticipated games of the upcoming gaming years. Thanks to tipsters and leak hunters of all kinds, we know that the most likely date for the announcement of the new Grand Theft Auto 6 (working title) from Rockstar Games will be the second half of 2024. But even before that, another GTA may arrive, namely from Netflix.

GTA on Netflix?

The company Netflix, which operates the streaming VOD service of the same name, also recently founded its own publishing studio Netflix Games, which swallowed several smaller development teams, such as Ustwo Games. As expected, only mobile games are coming from this “factory” so far, which should also concern a possible spin-off to the Grand Theft Auto series.

Information from Wall Street Journal (WSJ) talks about Netflix getting to work with Take-Two Interactive, the publisher that holds the licenses for the GTA series. Netflix would like to develop its own game from this series and offer it on its streaming platform. However, it is not yet clear which game it will be.

An image from the upcoming GTA 6

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The truth is that Netflix invests a lot of money in the development of games, already more than 1 billion dollars. So finally offering a proper title that will put it on the global gaming map and attract thousands of new subscribers sounds like an ideal plan. In addition, he plans to turn his successful series Black Mirror, Wednesday or Hra na oliheň into games.

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Mobile city action? Why not

However, according to estimates, it is very likely to be a mobile game. At the moment, it is not possible to play Netflix games other than on a smartphone or tablet. The plan is to launch the service also for televisions and computers, or game consoles, where it would probably make the most sense.

In addition, the long-awaited GTA 6 is planned to be released. The title will probably be revealed in the second half of next year, while the release date should not be planned until next year, i.e. 2025. In terms of supported platforms, consoles are expected in the first wave Xbox and PlayStation and then eventually PC or Nintendo.

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