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Initially set for October 19, 2023, at the same time as version 1.0 of the game on PC (Steam, GOG, et Microsoft Store), the release of versions Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 et PS5 you RPG World of Horrordeveloped for around 5 years entirely by Paweł Koźmińskialias panstasz (who is also a dentist), was finally postponed until October 26 coming soon in Europe and the United States. The editor Spirit Games l’a announcement this Thursday. However, the game is available in Japan on the mentioned media, and all languages ​​are included : French, English, Japanese, German, Korean and Simplified/Traditional Chinese. There is even a Japanese physical edition on Switch and PS4 sold by Playism (which publishes the game in Japan), also including all languages, which is already available. It is possible to order it from stores like Japanese version of Amazon, but you have to pay the price. In addition to the game, this Japanese physical edition includes a CD, and various exclusive bonuses are offered by participating stores in Japan. As a reminder, a European and American physical edition on Switch is plannedbut we will have to wait until December 8. Resulting from a collaboration with fan gamerit will be distributed in France by Just for Games and will be comes with a reversible cover, a 12-page instruction manual and a set of Old Gods illustrated cards. Note that Fangamer also offers various derivative products on his shop. As a reminder, World of Horror was available in early access since February 20, 2020 on PC.

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World of Horror is the very first panstasz game. The developer therefore also works on its creation part-time, and uses Microsoft Paint for all the illustrations. Furthermore, the screenplay is written both by panstasz and by Cassandra Khaw, who has written numerous horror and science fiction books as well as articles on the same themes, in addition to having worked on other video games (for Ubisoft in particular) and tabletop role-playing games. The music, in a chiptune style, is composed by ArcOfDream et Qwesta.

World of Horror is inspired by occult mythology as well as the works of the American writer Howards Phillips Lovecraft (HP Lovecraft), more precisely cosmicism and the cosmic horror genre in English, and mangaka This is Junji. panstasz also describes his game as a “cosmic horror 1-bit” retro RPG. The game will require you to participate in procedurally generated battles, with a story full of twists and turns and multiple endings. There will be difficult battles, where every decision can mean life, death or madness. We will find all kinds of elements that will allow us to create and shape our own mysteries and adventures, while having the possibility of modifying those that already exist. In addition, it will be possible to play our friends’ creations.

The adventure takes place in 198X, in a small seaside town in Japanor the mental health of the population seems to be drastically decreasing. To make matters worse, grotesque, otherworldly creatures terrorize locals. It is in this vision of apocalypse and the end of the world that World of Horror takes place. The only solution to avoid the end of the world will be to face the terror that reigns over the apocalypse. We will encounter the cosmic horror of Shiokawa and you will have to make choices with fearsome consequences while participating in desperate battles. A card game system will allow you to expand your combat range and experiment with numerous combos. Different decks can even unlock new mysteries or clues.

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« The ancient gods awaken and make their way in a world descending into madness. In hospitals, abandoned classrooms, quiet apartments and dark forests, strange apparitions and inexplicable phenomena test the sanity of the residents of Shiokawa, Japan. Is this chaotic punishment or the machinations of beings beyond our understanding? »

World of Horror dispose de several stories that come together and of five playable characters at the start of the adventure, while others can be unlocked as you progress through the story. All the characters have their own storyline. If it is above all a roguelike, the title is also immersed in the adventure game with many puzzles to solve to advance the storyline. During the adventure, we will be able to invoke dark rituals and discover disturbing clues as we unravel random mysteries. Each puzzling case will turn into a series of random encounters with nightmarish characters. In total, there will be more than 20 different mysteries to discover in each game, each of them offering several possible endings. Note that World of Horror is already very widely appreciated in its early access version, and that the game is constantly evolving. Moreover, to keep up to date with progress, articles are regularly published at this address with update information.


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