The Ultimate Gaming Deal: Get LG’s Top OLED TV for €1,150 and Get MW3 for Free with Xbox One!

As we approach the end-of-year holiday season, some great deals are arriving today on the best TVs for Xbox Series teaches Futureland.

The best price for the best gaming TV!

As part of its 25th anniversary, the excellent specialist brand Futureland is offering the LG OLED 55 C3 at the price of €1,350, thanks to the promo code IMAGE15.

Additionally, LG currently offers a ODR of €200 on the 55-inch model, thus dropping the cost price of the television to €1,150, the best price currently for a 2023 LG OLED television!

Note that if you order an LG soundbar with your television, the ODR is doubled. Additionally, LG is currently offering Call of Duty Modern Warfare III on the platform of your choice with any purchase of an LG OLED C3 TV. You will find the details of the offer at this address.

Key Features of LG G3 OLED

  • Compatible HDMI 2.1, dalle 100/120 Hz
  • Input lag en 4K/HDR 60 Hz : 10 ms
  • Input lag en 4K/HDR 120 Hz : 5 ms
  • Compatible VRR, G-sync, HGIG et ALLM
  • Dolby Vision compatible at 120 Hz
The Ultimate Gaming Deal: Get LG’s Top OLED TV for €1,150 and Get MW3 for Free with Xbox One!

The best TV for gaming!

We might as well say it right away, this is an excellent price for a 2023 OLED television which is this year among the best televisions for playing on Xbox Series X|S or PS5. You will also benefit from the LG OLED EX panel, and 20% greater brightness than the LG C2 2022.

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It is 100% compatible with new consoles thanks to its HDMI 2.1 ports and supports 4K at 120 FPS, VRR, Gsync/FreeSync, HGIG, ALLM and even Dolby Vision at 120 Hz! OLED panel obliges, the blacks are infinite here for maximum image contrast. You will not regret it.

We had the chance to test this flagship model of the brand in depth, and you will find our complete test at this address.