The Ultimate Guide to Mastering the Art of Dodging in Spiderman 2

Back in Spider-Man 2018, there was a way to perfect dodge at the right moment. But how can you perform a perfect dodge in Spiderman 2?

Luckily, the sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man brings back this mechanic, giving you get a nice bonus when dodging at the perfect moment. Let me explain how it’s done.

Spider-Man 2: How to perfect dodge

During combat in Spider-Man 2, you can press the Circle button to dodge an enemy attack. But there’s a very specific timing to this dodge if you want it to be perfect. How you can perform a perfect dodge in Spiderman 2 is by pressing the Circle button when the warning indicator is red.

How To Perform A Perfect Dodge Spiderman 2 White
Screenshot: PC Invasion

When fighting against enemies, Spider-Man’s spidey-senses will start to tingle when danger is near. If an enemy is about to hit him, you’ll notice a white circle indicator pop up as a warning. Hitting the dodge button at this time will perform a normal dodge. He’ll swerve out of the way in time.

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How To Perform A Perfect Dodge Spiderman 2 Red
Screenshot: PC Invasion

But if you wait until the warning indicator turns red, and then dodge, that’ll perform the perfect dodge. As a reward for you perfect dodging, Spider-Man will automatically web shoot an enemy, which can serve as a bit of a distraction.

The good thing about perfect dodging is that you’ll get more time afterwards to fight enemies without being hurt, as you’ll stagger the enemy you dodged. The same goes for parrying, since you can perfect parry at the right moment too.

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Although the game does a good job at teaching you the basics of combat at the beginning, I’ve often misread tutorials or forgotten how to perform vital moves. Hopefully, this guide was able to help you understand how to properly perfect dodge in Spider-Man 2!

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is available on PS5.