The Ultimate List of 52 Exciting Fantasy Games Coming in 2024

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

The fantasy genre has provided plenty of people the chance to go to incredible worlds and be incredible characters. 2024 will provide plenty of chances for that with these games!

#52 Blue Protocol

How many of you want to go on a fun journey where you’ll meet friends, fight monsters, and learn the secrets of your past? Huh, that’s a lot of you! Ok then, let’s talk about Blue Protocol!

Something you’ll appreciate right away is being able to craft your character to suit the style you want. Then, you’ll explore a story with the fate of a planet in your hands. No pressure!

As an MMORPG, You’ll work with other players to fight monsters, conquer raids, and do whatever it takes to learn the truth so the planet can be saved!

As we said. No pressure!

#51 Gothic Remake

The difference between a remaster and a remake is intent. Or more specifically, the desire to either “repaint” the game or “rebuild it”. For the Gothic Remake the team at THQ Nordic went full-stop to make a new studio to straight up “reimagine” the original Gothic title and put it on modern consoles.

They even made a playable teaser to see how the gamers liked it, and they promise that they’re going to honor the original while also going and making their own spin on things to make it more like modern RPGs. In the good way of course.

Will they succeed or fail? You’ll find out when it comes out.

#50 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake

Yes, we know, there are all sorts of remakes being made all the time and all over the place. But Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake might just be the one that fans are looking forward to the most in some ways because the original title was not just a classic, but a franchise maker.

You’ll be the Prince on his quest to save the princess from dark threats. Armed with your trusty dagger that wields the mythical sands of time, you’ll be able to reverse time in order to fix mistakes, or learn from your foes in order to better counter them.

Again, the original game was a classic, so now imagine it with modern graphics and quality of life updates! Exactly.

#49 Nightingale

In Nightingale, you’re going to be taken from your homeworld and thrown into a dimension of the Fae. Yep, you’re not in Kansas anymore, and this place is not going to wait on you hand and foot. You’ll need to become a Realmwalker and learn to live off the lands of the Fae and build yourself a new home and life while you walk from realm to realm.

Yes, there are many realms here that’ll you’ll be brought to randomly as you step through portals. Each one has its own unique “flavor”, so be prepared for that.

You’ll have to walk through them in order to region the last home of humans…via Nightingale.

Let’s start off the list with a game that mystifies people every time they watch its announcement trailer. Metaphor: ReFantazio is a new IP from Atlus, and it’s clear that they’re leaning heavily into the RPG stylings of their other beloved franchises to make this game stand out further.

While we don’t know too much about the title, it does give the tagline of “Face Your Fears, Take Back Tomorrow!” So if nothing else, you can guess that it’ll feature a plot to save the world. Just as important, it’ll feature the turn-based combat system that fans of a certain…Persona…will be used to. So hopefully, it’ll have that franchise’s quality as well.

#47 Chrono Odyssey

Fair warning: there are going to be plenty of MMO/MMORPG titles on this list, and the first one we’ll discuss is Chrono Odyssey. The title aims to be one of the prettiest MMORPGs you’ll ever see, as the game will be powered by Unreal Engine 5.

You’ll be put into the land of Setera, a place that’ll grow and evolve as the players change it and adventure through it.

Combat will have multiple elements for you to partake in, including a “time element” for you to wield and the ability to switch to other weapons on the fly. If all goes well, this could be a genre-defining title.

#46 Lost Soul Aside

We’re putting Lost Soul Aside near the bottom of this list as there’s still very little about the game we know about. So we won’t try and sell you that hard on it because most of what we know is “basic.”

For example, we know it’ll be a unique action RPG that will be powered by the Unreal Engine. The game also promises a fluid and deep battle system for players to use and an “engaging story” in which they’ll participate. There will be many challenges in the game to overcome, so good luck with that!

Hopefully, we’ll learn more about the game soon.

#45 Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

If you’ve ever been to Kickstarter, you know that there are plenty of incredible projects that get funded and turn out to be incredible things. Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes was the biggest video game project of 2020 on the platform, and it’s shaping up to be something special.

The game occurs in a world where an empire is expanding to seek power. But in the process of doing that, two unlikely people meet up, become friends, and have their destinies intertwined!

This old-school meets new-school RPG will have you meeting many heroes in an attempt to save the world. Think you’re up to the task?

#44 The Lord of The Rings: Return To Moria

The Lord Of The Rings: Return To Moria

Recently announced for PC, The Lord of the Rings: Return To Moria will be a treat for all those who love the epic fantasy world of J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth. This is an upcoming fantasy game that focuses on survival and crafting in the mountainous caverns of Moria, home to the dwarves of Middle-Earth. Adventuring into the mines beneath the Misty Mountains, players will find themselves on a journey to reclaim the lost treasures of Khazad-dûm. The game will feature procedurally generated mines and caverns, which means no two expeditions into Moria will be the same. It’ll also offer online co-op alongside solo gameplay, so this looks like one of the best upcoming fantasy games to jump into with friends next year.

#43 Yet Another Fantasy Title

If you’re expecting a “basic fantasy title” here, you’re actually in the wrong spot more or less. Because Yet Another Fantasy Title actually is a fantasy title…that makes fun of past fantasy titles from top to bottom. Such as how the main character is a Rogue who actually “takes over” the role of hero after “taking” the sword of a knight and stealing his unicorn.

And that’s just the start of the game.

You’ll go on an adventure to craft your own name and take down those who want to lay you low. All the while getting all sorts of references to past fantasy titles.

#42 Tales of Anturia: Farathan

In fantasy stories, there are often tales of a prince destined for the throne, but then things go wrong. In Tales of Anturia: Farathan, that tale will take a unique twist and ensure you have plenty to do.

Specifically, you’ll be a prince attempting to take the throne over for your missing father. But after an attack by orcs, you have been weakened and lost, and though you are alive, no one believes you are the prince that was to lead them.

From that point on, you shape your story. You can try to take back the throne and learn the truth, or you can wander the realm and do what you desire.

#41 The Wayward Realms

You know a game is trying to be different when they decide to give themselves a new genre title, “The Grand RPG.” Yeah, no ego was involved in that one!

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In The Wayward Realms, you will be set on a massive island chain, one hundred islands strong. There, you’ll try and make your way through the world and make your claim to the treasures and wonders it holds.

The problem? There are hundreds of thousands of other characters in this world, and they will react to everything you do. So if you try to take over? They’ll try and stop you. If you fight them? They’ll fight back.

So dive in and see what story you’ll make.

fantasy games granblue fantasy relink

Granblue Fantasy: Relink is an action RPG that’s set to launch next year. It will be set in the same fantasy realm as the original Granblue Fantasy, albeit in a new setting within that realm, and forms part of the ongoing franchise. The game itself introduces players to an immersive new fantasy world that looks pretty stunning, from the few gameplay clips we’ve seen so far. However, there’s been little news on the Granblue Fantasy: Relink front since Cygames released a teaser trailer last December. However from what we’ve seen so far, the combat looks pretty epic and the environments have clearly been crafted meticulously, promising a lot of satisfaction when exploring the new environments. Definitely, a release to keep an eye out for if you’re looking for new fantasy games next year.

#39 Pax Dei

Are you a big fan of going into a medieval world and seeing all you can do in it? If so, you’ll want to check out Pax Dei when it releases. In some ways, the title is two games in one, depending on how you want to play.

For example, if you’re an adventurous type, you can head out from your home and explore the vast world where monsters roam and secrets are buried. The deeper you go, the more threats you’ll face! So be ready for whatever comes your way.

Or, you can choose the more “homely” route and make a clan for yourself and watch as they grow while you’re under the protection of the gods.

#38 Kristala

Have you ever dreamed of being a cat? We’re really asking that. It’s not wrong if you said “yes,” we’re not here to shame anyone!

We’re asking because, in Kristala, you can be a cat warrior and attempt to free your land from the forces of evil!

To do so, you must use your catlike abilities to beat enemies, navigate the environments, and do what needs to be done. Your cat warrior will be what you want them to become. So see what works for you, and become the true cat’s meow! Yes, we did make that joke. You’re welcome. Oh, you didn’t like that joke? Too bad!

#37 BitCraft

Here’s an MMORPG that takes things to a different degree, visually and gameplay-wise. In BitCraft, you’ll be put alongside numerous other players into a procedurally generated world in which you can all choose to thrive in.

We mean that literally as the game wants you to build up a town and yourself and see the impact that you can have on the world. You can take that small town you make and turn it into a city or even a metropolis! You can be a place that every player wants to go to!

Or you can focus on personal skills and learn a craft and travel the world showing it off.

#36 I, The inquisitor

We warn you, for those of a certain faith, this game will not please you in the slightest, so we’ll be delicate about the details.

Basically, the game I, The inquisitor is set in an alternate timeline where a key religious figure changed things in a way that made things much more violent…for non-believers.

Fast forward a bit and now you are one of the inquisitors who are charged with ridding the world of evil. But in a city that is full of both sin and darkness, that makes it a bit hard to control, especially as the mysteries keep piling up.

The moral choices you make will affect this story, so be careful with how you act in the “name of the Lord”.

#35 Beast

Sometimes, there’s nothing left to do but burn to the ground those who have ruined your life. In Beast, you play a soldier who was a slave for ten years before finally being able to escape. But when you return to your homeland, it’s not what you remember.

A mad king sits on the throne, leading to unspeakable disasters happening all over. There’s a plague gripping the people and land, and it’s your job to make it disappear.

Your actions will determine how you harness the “beast within.” Will you let it control you? Or will you attempt to do a “holy quest” to free your homeland? The choice is yours.

#34 Little Devil Inside

Many games like to show you worlds where monsters unexpectedly show up and cause havoc on their people. But in Little Devil Inside, the people know that the monsters exist. They just don’t care about them.

That’s where you come in. A professor hires you to identify odd paranormal events that people ignore and determine how dangerous they are.

Not everything you experience will be as you’d expect. So do what you can with what you have and see where this world takes you. Oh, and do be careful of the monsters you meet along the way. You might like some, but some might not like you.

#33 The Thaumaturge

Now, here’s a game that not many of you might be able to guess the nature of just from the title. The Thaumaturge is a “historical” piece, as it’s set in 1905, but it plays with various tropes like supernatural entities, having a deep story, getting the players to make tough choices to advance the game, etc.

You’ll be set in Warsaw during their time under Russia’s thumb, but as you return to your home and embrace your family legacy, you’ll have to deal with the consequences of every choice you make.

The game wants you to create your story how you want it. You’ll even be able to backtrack should you desire and see what the other choices could lead to.

#32 Soulslinger: Envoy of Death

Doesn’t that sound cool? To be an “envoy of death”? We all know that there are games that take place in the afterlife, and Soulslinger: Envoy of Death is another one of those titles.

You are in Limbo, and there’s a power struggle going on. A cartel is in this realm, trying to harvest power for itself. You can’t let that happen. So, go through the realms of darkness and attempt to stop their plans.

Along the way, you’ll gain new powers and possibly make allies to help you on your journey. But be warned! This is the afterlife, so not everyone likes playing by the rules.

#31 Project Awakening

We’re going to go in a different direction for this next entry. Why is that? Because, unlike most games on this list, we can’t confirm that Project Awakening will arrive in 2024. You can possibly tell that by the fact the game has “Project” in the title, which is usually only used for “working names” while the dev team tries to figure out what to call it.

Cygames unveiled the title years ago, and there was even a demo for it in 2019, but nothing has been heard from it since. The title promised to be a “high-end console game,” but we can’t say if that’s still the case. So, if nothing else, keep an eye out for it.

#30 ArcheAge 2

ArcheAge 2

We will do back-to-back MMORPGs now, so bear with us, as some of this may sound familiar as we go from one to the other.

ArcheAge 2 is the sequel to the MMO from years back, and it’ll be coming to both console and PC. So, no matter how you like to play games, you have options here. The good news is that everything that you liked about the first game and its spinoffs will be present. The difference is that the game will feature a new timeline for you to explore and thus have new dangers to face.

Plus, it’ll run on Unreal Engine 5, so it’ll look GOOD!

#29 Fable

Yes, it’s true, we’re getting another Fable game, and it’s being made by the same people who made some of the Forza titles, and even using their engine, so this is going to be interesting, isn’t it?

The irony of the Fable series of course is that each game had its “lofty goals” in terms of how it was going to affect the world of RPGs and just worldbuilding in general, but it never lived up to those lofty heights. With a new team in the position to “fix things”, one has to wonder what the new team is cooking up to try and make it both true to the past games, while also being its own creation.

#28 Throne and Liberty

Here’s a title from NCSoft that will make many gamers happy. Throne and Liberty is an MMORPG with a vast world to explore and do whatever you want in. They want to give players the freedom to choose their own path and have fun as they attempt to defeat the vile Kazar!

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Plus, since it’s an MMO, the game is constantly evolving. To the point that even if you were able to defeat the villain and claim the throne for yourself, there will be enemies via other players waiting to take your spot!

So explore the world, see what it has to offer, build up your power base, and then claim the world for yourself! Or don’t.

#27 Enotria: The Last Song

What happens when music and stagecraft freeze the world you know? That’s the question in Enotria: The Last Song.

The game puts you in an Italian-inspired place where the world has been put into stasis. However, you have been able to break free of the world’s hold and must try to do the same with everyone else.

As you battle through foes, you’ll get masks, and those masks will grant you power. Specifically, they’ll give you new “roles” that you can embody to help take the fight to the one behind this “play.” The more you grow, the more talents you can unlock and the more powerful you become.

#26 Greedfall 2: The Dying World

Don’t be fooled by the game’s name. The title is actually a prequel to the original game. That’s not confusing at all, right?
You are part of a tribe from an island when colonists settle on it, take you hostage, and forcibly put you into service in their homeland. In other words, not nice people are ruling over you. Now, you must get free and strike back at those who have oppressed you.
As you make allies, your world grows, as do the options you have with them. What will it take to make this world regret what it did to you? Play and find out!

#25 Haunted Chocolatier

Now, there’s a title that no one would expect to see in a video game title. Oh, and it’s from the dude who made Stardew Valley? Yeah, this is going to get weird.

In Haunted Chocolatier, you’ll be a chocolate shop owner who is trying to make their shop successful. More than likely, you’ll have many options to make that happen and will be able to enjoy time with the local townspeople.

But the “haunted” part of the game is that there are apparently ghosts everywhere, and you’ll have to deal with them too. We don’t get it, but clearly, the creator wanted to make the game!

#24 New Arc Line

When your family gets a terrible disease, you are determined to save them no matter what! That leads you to the “new world” where people live in luxury and everything seems perfect. But as we all know, such a place doesn’t exist.

You’ll soon see the filth and corruption that fills the place, and due to that, you resolve to work the system to get what you need.

Go through the “new world” and gain allies, set things in motion, take down those in charge, and more! Whatever it takes so you can find that cure and free your family from their burden. Can you make the “tough calls” to make that happen?

#23 Crimson Desert

Crimson Desert

Crimson Desert is one of many titles about survival that you will find, but what makes this one so interesting is that you are truly given a massive and very unforgiving landscape to try and survive in via the lands of Pywel.

Not the least of which is because the lands are asunder with war, and as a result of that, you need to be careful about what you do in the lands, because the stories you make will define the stories to come.

You’ll need to get others to help you on your quest as well, because it’s dangerous to go in alone…hmm…where have we heard that before?

#22 Towers of Aghasba

In many games that feature you building up things like a town or city, not much care is given to the surrounding environment. But in Towers of Aghasba, that’s not the case. In fact, you’ll have to go through the game to keep the balance between man and nature.

On one side of the equation, you’ll start a village for people of your tribe and then slowly grow it so that they can thrive and expand. But on the other side of the equation, you’ll travel around the island you’re on and help rebuild and regrow the ecosystems so that nature can thrive once more.

#21 Hyper Light Breaker

You might remember the previous game in this series that took 2D action games to new heights. Well, here’s the sequel! Hyper Light Breaker goes from the pixel art of the original to an incredibly stylized 3D world called the Overgrowth that you’ll love getting lost in.

You’ll dive into various areas in an attempt to defeat the Abyss King, and along the way, you’ll fight monsters who can give you near gear to make you stronger. Part of the fun is taking your character and giving them new fighting styles so you can see what kinds of carnage you can create!

So, are you ready to dive in?

#20 Aloft

Plenty of games will let you build grand ships and help you set sail for adventure on them. But how many of those games can you honestly say will let you pilot an entire island? Not many? That’s what we thought.

Aloft is exactly what we teased. You’ll be on a floating island and use the winds around you, including a hurricane, to help get around this great sky and reach other islands. Once you do, you can search them for resources so you can build up your island!

Plus, there are enemies to fight, and that means a good time all around!

#19 ARK 2

If you remember the first ARK title, you’ll know that it was quite a thing, and we mean that in the good way. But now, ARK 2 looks to take it to the next level in every conceivable way.

Mainly in that ARK 2 will have you on a strange land where humans and dinosaurs co-exist (for lack of a better term) and you have no idea how you got there yourself! Now, alongside a certain ARK hero (voice by none other than Vin Diesel yourself, you’ll have to scour the land, build yourself up, and figure out the history of all that is there.

The game is expansive and lets you do what you want in it, including mod the heck out of it if that’s what you want!

#18 Path of Exile II

Those who have enjoyed Path of Exile during its original run know that the game is not just a very worthy ARPG title, but one that has been expanded upon greatly by its makers. To the extent that one honestly wondered if a Path of Exile II was ever going to be made.

The answer is that it is, and the details for it showcase just how dedicated the team is to what came before. Such as how the 7-part storyline that’ll be in the title follows-up what happened in the original, as well as retains all the DLC and other aspects that made the world special.

And given how long the first game was supported, one can only imagine how supported Path of Exile II will be.

#17 Black Myth: Wukong

Black Myth: Wukong

One of the most highly-anticipated and original-looking fantasy games of 2024 has to be Black Myth: Wukong. Based upon Journey to the West, a 16th-century Chinese novel that tells the story of Wukong, the “Monkey Awakened to the Void”, otherwise known as the legendary Monkey King. As Wukong, players will take on a number of shapeshifting abilities whilst fighting an array of mythical monsters. The action takes place in what looks to be a fantastical version of ancient China, although the game is currently still deep in development.

#16 Where Winds Meet

Where Winds Meet

There’s plenty of hype around Where Winds Meet despite the lack of information on it. But we know this will be set in a “lush” version of China where the historical meets the mystical and your main character is caught in the middle of it.

You’ll play a swordsman who holds the fate of this fabled nation in their hands. But you are the one who is guiding them through this journey and will tell them how things will go. Will you follow the path of a warrior? Or will you choose another path that you feel is best for yourself and the nation?

#15 Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

In the realm of Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden, there are two beings that you need to be mindful of: the living and the dead. Banishers are humans who attempt to eliminate the spirits that linger in our world. But when a couple finds themselves on opposite ends of the “living spectrum,” a new mission must be carried out.

You’ll go through this mysterious and intense world to find a way to bring your lover back. But it won’t be easy. Both characters have unique abilities to use to get rid of threats, but in the end, it’ll be your choice how the story ends.

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#14 Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn

Picture this, please. The world has gotten an undead problem. But this time, it’s because of the gods! Yep, the gods are trying to take over the world with an undead army, and they’re doing a pretty good job of wrecking humanity.

So, in Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn, you’ll be part of a coalition of humans who are tired of losing and are doing everything they can to fight back. You’ll need to use magic and might to push back the armies of the undead and take the fight right to the gods!

But whether that works out will be up to you. Think you’re up to the challenge?

#13 Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail

Final Fantasy XIV

There will be multiple entries from this franchise in the top ten. We just thought we’d give you a heads-up on that front.

Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail will be the first big expansion of the hit MMO ever since the main story of the last several years wrapped up. That means that players won’t just have a new land to explore but a story to watch unfold.

Plus, there will be new characters to meet, classes to unlock, and things to do. So if you’ve been wanting to hit the MMO again, this will be the thing that gets you back into the fold.

#12 Dragon Age Dreadwolf

Don’t get confused here, another name for Dragon Age Dreadwolf is indeed Dragon Age 4, the LONG delayed Bioware title that many are hoping indeed comes out when it’s supposed to…but anything is up for grabs in terms of what Bioware does these days.

Anyway, Dragon Age is their fantasy RPG that they have done legendary things with as proven by the previous titles. And now, years after Inquisition, we’re going to get something new with Dreadwolf.

Details are still light on certain elements, but you can expect a massive story, lots of dialogue choices, various tweaks to the battle system, and yes, likely lots of characters to romance. It is a Bioware game after all…and no, we don’t include Anthem in that.

#11 Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

They say being a vampire sucks. But you don’t seem to mind that drawback when you’re a vampire.

In Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, the story continues from past titles, and you’ll once again be put to the test as you try to navigate vampire society while also attempting to keep the peace with humans. A war is seemingly on the horizon, and your actions can directly affect that. But how will you choose to handle it? That is up to you.

Will you be the wise Elder Vampire and use your wits and cunning to keep things rolling? Or will you choose a side and let war happen? You’ll find out soon.

#10 Unicorn Overlord

The team at Vanillaware knows how to make fantasy titles, they’ve made several over the last several years of varying natures, but their quality shined through every time. When you get a hold of Unicorn Overlord, you’ll see exactly what makes their titles so special while having a deep fantasy adventure to do.

The game puts you as someone who is trying to take back the realm from evil forces. How you do that will be your choice, and your choices will affect the various companions you’ll have at your disposal. Once you have them, form your team and take them into tactics-based combat! Do you think you can handle the need for strategy?

#9 Dragon’s Dogma 2

Capcom has had a banger of a 2023 and has brought many of its franchises to bear so that fans could see just what they had to offer compared to other companies.

In 2024, they aim to continue that trend by bringing other franchises back from beyond. For example, Dragon’s Dogma 2 is finally coming out. That might surprise many of you since it’s been a decade since the last one, not including the “remaster.”

The game aims to build upon the original title but also fill the developers’ wishes of making improvements and changes that they couldn’t before. So go forth and create the story you want to in this fantasy world.

#8 Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown

Ubisoft has been doing a lot recently to revitalize old franchises and make new ones to hang their hats on. But they can’t get away from the “classics” that they feel need new stories in. For example, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is an original story that aims to bring back the charm of the original 2D titles.

In the game, you play as Sargon, who is part of an elite guard for the Persian Prince. But, when said prince is kidnapped, you must head to a mysterious place to try and get them back. A deep world full of mystery and monsters await you.

The deeper you go, the more you’ll unlock your powers and abilities! Use them to find the prince and get out alive!

#7 Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II

The original Hellblade title was one that blew the minds of many due to how it told a unique story of loss and psychological trauma, all wrapped up in a psychedelic journey. Now, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II is set to take that concept to the next level, even if we don’t fully know all that’s coming.

The trailer that was shown for the game does seem to point to more of Norse mythology coming to life in a monstrous way, and one has to wonder what dangers and visuals we’re going to see. Things are likely going to expand in terms of both scope of the world, and the scope of combat.

Either way…this will be a journey you don’t want to miss.

#6 Avowed


While it may not sound like it, or look at it given its first-person perspective, Avowed is set in the realm of Pillars of Eternity, and that makes it all the more intriguing to fans of the franchise.

However, the new “focus” if you will is apparently making this game more to something like the Elder Scrolls as you’ll be dealing with magic and swordplay in the first-person perspective. Something that is very different from the Pillars of Eternity Games.

The first trailer for the game hints at many things, including dark forces brought to life by unnatural means, a former member of royalty trying to get back the crown, and more. We’ll have to wait for more details though.

#5 Final Fantasy XVI (PC)

Before you say anything, be sure you notice the “PC” part of our title, as that’s the keyword here. Yes, Final Fantasy XVI is out on PS5 right now, and people think it’s a possible “Game of the Year” contender. But as Sony has shown plenty in recent years, they want even more people to play their titles, so they’re bringing it to PC.

The game will be welcomed on the system, so long as it’s optimized, as many haven’t gotten to enjoy the story of Clive and his quest for revenge. The game is a significant departure from what Square Enix has done with their prized franchise, so it’ll be interesting to see what others think as they play it.

#4 The Witcher Remake

Remakes are something that we get all the time nowadays in the gaming space. But the question is really, “Do we need them?” For some of them, the answer is no. But, in the case of The Witcher Remake, you can answer “YES!”

Why? Because most people never played the first game. Heck, most people have only played the third, and that’s why it’s the best-selling game in the series by a landslide.

That’s not to say the first two games weren’t good; they were, but their reputation built up over time. So, going back to the original game and then seeing it reborn? That’s going to be something that gets fans interested.

#3 Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is the first DLC by FromSoftware for their GOTY title that many people still rave about. And raving about it, they should be!

After all, the game was an incredible evolution of what the developer had done in the past, and the vast world, with its unique lore, had players wanting more. With this DLC, they’ll get that. But, true to their nature, we don’t know much about the DLC as it stands.

Based on what we do know, it will focus on key characters within the lore and possibly flesh out the world even more. The only thing we can be certain about is that people will die in the game.

#2 Kingdom Hearts 4

Do we definitively know that Kingdom Hearts 4 is coming to PS5 next year? No. No, we don’t. But it’s definitely possible, and given that it’s something people are curious about, we felt it right to put it really high on the list.

After the “ending” of the last game, which, as we all know, wasn’t a real ending at all. Sora has somehow been brought to the “real world” and must try and figure out a way back to his friends. Meanwhile, said friends are trying to get back to him, and it’s not going well.

There are many mysteries surrounding this title, which is going to make it all the harder for fans to wait for its release.

#1 Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

We literally have no reason not to put this game at the top of the list. After all, it has “fantasy” in the name! Plus, it’s easily the most anticipated game of next year based on what we actually know is coming next year. So yeah, we like putting it here.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will continue the adventures of Cloud Strife and his allies as they try to stop Sephiroth from destroying the planet and rewriting his fate.

The game promises big changes from the original story while giving you more options for how you handle combat. Plus, the game will feature basically 100 hours of content!