The World’s Top 5 Bird Islands: A Guide to the Most Popular Ones

The love for the avian world in our hearts is brought about by our longing for real freedom. Freedom can be achieved by the ability to fly wherever you desire without any possible restriction — starting at the Sub Antarctic Islands near New Zealand and landing in the subtropical jungles of South America. There is a certain type of people who devote their lives to watching different types of birds. These experts can tell you many interesting facts and legends about the lives of birds. Today, our bird experts want to share with you the most beautiful bird destinations created by nature.

The World’s Top 5 Bird Islands: A Guide to the Most Popular Ones

The best bird-watching spots around the globe

Experts and ornithologists consider that there are more than five destinations in the world that must be visited by those who truly love our feathery friends. Let us have a look at some of them.

The United States of America

The United States is a huge country, and it would be strange for it not to have at least some of the popular places of interest as far as birds are concerned. Further, you may learn about some of them:

·         Hawaii, US. This place is a heaven for those who adore birds. Warm climate grants the possibility to watch them 12 months a year. The Hawaiian Islands are located far from the big land, and such isolation caused the presence of some endemic species that cannot be found anywhere else. In general, the Islands are famous for such birds as Cattle Egret, Hawaiian Goose Nene, Black Crowned Night Heron, Grey Francolin, and Red-crested Cardinals that can be noticed all over the Islands, showing their playful nature jumping around and doing many tricky stuff.

·         Silver Springs, Florida, US. This part of the land in central Florida is famous for its crystal clear water with tours where people take vessels of any kind with glassed bottoms that allow you to watch the world under the water. At the same time, this place is outstanding for bird watching. White ibises and cormorants busking their feathers in the sun follow the animal world introduced here mostly by monkeys and manatees.

·         Sanibel Island, Florida, US. The Island is known for several interesting facts. It has a marvelous beach that contains a huge number of seashells, attracting hundreds of shell seekers. Almost all territory of the Island is under protection and has the status of a national park. The local wildlife refuge is named after Jay Darling, who was known as a great bird lover. And today, this place is a world-famous destination for bird watchers. The spot is introduced with many birds, including egrets, cormorants, anhingas, ospreys, and many others.



Despite being a small country in size, Scotland is really a great one when it comes to birds. No bird lover has ever omitted this country famous for its cute and nice puffins. Let us go through the places that must be visited if you are a real bird devotee.

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·         Isle of May, Scotland. Located in the eastern part of the country, it is recognized as a real sanctuary for tiny puffins. If you decide to visit this place, you will have to keep in mind that it is a protected area where you must follow certain rules that restrict you from roaming anywhere you want. The reason is that adult puffins hide underground hatching their eggs, and they must not be scared or disturbed by any tourist. Puffins are not the only birds on the Isle — numerous guillemots, shags, razorbills, and seagulls fill the air around with squeaks, cheeps, and bird songs.

·         Isle of Mull, Scotland. Located in the western part of the country it is one of the best destinations for watching the birds. Due to the absence of regular human presence, the island is thriving with birds, including the famous Sea Eagle. When winter comes, Sea Eagles go through mating season and establish their nests. The hatching period starts in March and continues for the next eleven weeks. At the same time, the place is full of Merlins, Oystercatchers, and Otters.


India is a country that has become home to hundreds of species of birds. Vast plateaus and green forests contain huge numbers of birds very different in size, color, and habits. Let us get acquainted with some destinations that draw the attention of professional ornithologists:

·         Kanha, Madhya Pradesh, India. National Wild Refuge Kanha found its place within Central Highlands in the country. Almost a quarter of all species that dwell in India are located at Kanha. They include birds that migrate and those that live within the territory of the National Park. The long list includes storks, bee-eaters, herons, and egrets together with predatory birds and vultures. On a good day, you may notice some rare species, such as black hooded orioles, Paradise Flycatchers, and scarlet minivets. It is convenient to visit this wild refuge in winter since the weather becomes colder, and many migrating birds may show themselves only during this time of the year;

·         Ranganathittu, Karnataka, India. After visiting Ranganathittu in India, you begin to understand why India is considered the best place when it comes to birding destinations. The whole place is located within the boundaries of the Cauvery River basin and scattered around in the form of islands. The sanctuary can boast of almost two hundred bird species. The list includes such birds as Brahminy kites, pelicans, and kingfishers. If you want to see most birds, it would be great to do it in the morning drifting on a boat. Be ready to come across a crocodile.



Cuba is one of the tropical countries surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, and despite being small in comparison with other countries, it has suitable weather conditions that allow the country to harbor many birds and provide perfect conditions for nesting and hatching.

Playa Larga and a local wildlife refuge have become a true paradise for all kinds of birds. Moreover, Cuba is home to 28 birds that can be found only within the country. Some of them are really hard to find, but most are quite easy to spot. Here and there, you may notice pink flamingos, Cuban parrots, or trogons. Never miss the opportunity to visit Cuba with its wild nature, and you will remember it for the rest of your life.                                       

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When you are on safari in Tanzania, you will surely find a lot of bird species, especially near Ngorongoro Crater at the edge of Serengeti Plains. The world of birds is introduced mostly by flamingos, crown cranes, ostriches, kite birds, and many others. The Crater reminds some kind of wild refuge or a National Park, with the only difference being that animals and birds that live there are free to leave, but they do not go away, although there are no walls around it. All of them prefer to stay inside due to the abundant amount of food and water there.


When you go to Ecuador to watch birds, you should choose a little town Mindo. Being a tropical country, Ecuador boasts a huge number of bird species living in the versatile and one-of-a-kind ecological system. When we talk about Ecuador, a professional ornithologist would immediately remember such species as hummingbirds, which count about 150 species, to be precise. It is hardly possible that you will see all of them, but at least some of them are everywhere, and they cannot fly by unnoticed. Be ready to see some toucans as well.



Jardin in Colombia is another place worth mentioning when we talk about birds. Colombia is proud to harbor such interesting species as unique cock-of-the-rocks. These marvelous birds are dwelling within a private nature reserve, and for a small price, you will have a great opportunity to watch these birds as long as you want, but the best time for that is closer to the evening, somewhere around 5 PM. They are easy to notice mostly due to their bright red feathering.

One-of-a-kind bird-watching places in the world

From the list of places that should be visited by a true bird lover, we must admit the real five delightful destinations that cannot be compared with anything else in the world. The best mobile phone casino no deposit bonus can help you to make your dreams of traveling to these destinations come true. Just play, win, and travel!

Birds of the Amazon rainforest

Brazil occupies the most part of the Amazon River basin and has the most abundant ecosystems with the richest diversities of animals and birds on Earth.

The place is outstanding with its unique species that include hyacinth macaw (the largest parrot), toco toucan, blue and yellow macaw, scarlet macaw, spectacled owl, hoatzin, jabiru stork, laughing falcon, great egret, spix’s guan, great potoo, plum-throated cotinga, crimson topaz, green oropendola, Amazon kingfisher, king vulture, yellow-headed caracara, and many more.

Many species are in danger of the loss of their habitat due to hunting and deforestation. Ecologists always do their best to defend them, and only through such an attitude do we still have a chance to admire the rare and mesmerizing birds that dwell in Amazon jungles.

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Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are a unique place in the world. Being isolated from the continent and its influence, the Islands developed a diverse fauna.

This is a world in itself. Visiting the Islands, you may notice flightless cormorants, frigate birds, and penguins. If you are lucky enough, you will have a chance to watch red-footed booby.

The most amusing thing is that the local animals are not afraid of people. Here, you do not need to hide or use quail call since locals are credulous and do not start escaping once they see a bird watcher.


Bocas del Toro is home to the local National Park and looks like a group of islands containing one of the richest representatives of fauna in the world.

The largest island Bastimentos contains a delightful ecological resort for those who want to spend some time far from the hustle and bustle. The bird lovers can take advantage of a special tower designed for bird watching. From there, you have a look at the magnificent view around the islands with hundreds of feathered creatures that will make you feel fascinated when you look at them.

The place counts about 1,000 species of birds, and you will easily notice at least half of them, including blue-headed parrots, swallow-tailed kites, and lesser nighthawks.



A small town Guelph located near Lake Ontario can boast of one of the nicest destinations for bird lovers. The town has a peculiar disposition near two rivers. Abundant greenery provides the opportunity for walking trails that make it easy to notice any bird living nearby. About 200 species dwell within local forests, marshlands, and plains.

An elaborate network of paths all around the territory allows a bird watcher to be inconspicuous for avian friends, and one may have a chance to notice such birds as Eastern Screech-Owl, Canada goose, Black-capped Chickadees, Blue Jay, and Northern Cardinal.

South Africa

Kruger Wildlife Refuge, together with its part Balule conservation area, has a beautiful river Olifants that, together with its vicinity, has become a home for many birds.

It would be the best to visit the destination during wintertime. You will be able to watch such beauties as hornbills, Pel’s fishing owls, Saddle-billed storks, Lappet-faced vultures, bateleurs, and different types of birds of prey.

Ten Rarest Birds on the Planet


The next table will show you the rarest species that are on the verge of extinction.

Country Bird
China Golden pheasant
Philippines Cebu Flowerpecker
New Caledonia Owlet-Nightjar
The Dominican Republic Imperial Amazon
Brazil Blue-eyed Ground Dove
New Zealand Kakapo
Philippines Rufous-headed Hornbill
New Zealand Rock Wren
Brazil Stresemann’s Bristlefront
Philippines Dwarf Kingfisher

All lives in the world are precious, and it is sad when this or that species disappears. Whether we want that or not, Nature dictates its rules, and according to them, many species in the past vanished, and many appeared and thrive today. What we, people, can do is just try not to interfere with the wildlife, letting it be and prosper!