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Every title in the GTA series has a unique theme song that becomes synonymous with that particular game. Rockstar Games has released 16 standalone titles to date, each with a dedicated theme song composed in collaboration with popular music artists. While most new players are familiar with the theme of Grand Theft Auto 5, only OG players remember the old ones.

This article lists and ranks the top five GTA themes of all time that are still beloved by the franchise’s player base.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer’s opinions.

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Top 5 most popular GTA themes to date

5) Grand Theft Auto: 3 theme song


GTA 3 was a groundbreaking title in the Grand Theft Auto series, so it is no surprise that veteran players still find its theme song nostalgic. Ironically, no one knows for sure what the official name of the song is or who composed it. If you search for it on Google, it shows Craig Conner and Stuart Ross as the top results, but an official confirmation is still awaited.

The player base popularly calls it the “Grand Theft Auto 3 theme song”. While the original song is 1 minute and 35 seconds long, fans have tried to create longer versions of it several times throughout the years. This iconic theme perfectly suits the vibe of 3D Universe Liberty City and the events that take place during the game.

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4) Theme from Vice City


Theme from Vice City is the official name of GTA Vice City’s theme song. Rockstar Games collaborated with Lex Horton (the then-in-house musician) to create it. Theme from Vice City reminds players of the 80s as the game is also set in the same period, perfectly matching the neon-soaked city of Vice and the aesthetics it presented.

The original version of the song is 1 minute and 19 seconds long. However, you can find various fan-made extended cuts, covers, and remixes. This is a testament to how much fans love the Theme from Vice City. Some fans have also recreated the GTA 6 trailer with this Vice City theme song.

3) Soviet Connection


Grand Theft Auto 4’s theme song is officially called the Soviet Connection. It was composed by Michael Hunter, also known as Pablo. There are many fascinating things in GTA 4, with the theme song being one of them. Many fans often regard it as the best theme song among the HD Universe titles.

Soviet Connection is 2 minutes and 51 seconds long. Rockstar Games also used it as the background music for Grand Theft Auto 4’s loading screen. Currently, it is the only theme that players can hear regularly whenever they load into the game.

2) Welcome to Los Santos


Welcome to Los Santos was composed by Michael Woodrow Jackson (popularly known as Oh No), and is the official name of GTA 5’s theme song. Rockstar Games put it in the game as the intro song, right after the popular GTA 5 protagonist Michael exits Dr. Friedlander’s house after a therapy session.

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While the original version of the song only plays instruments, Rockstar Games also created a remix version of it with the same name, featuring vocals from MC Eiht, Freddie Gibbs, and Kokane. Interestingly, the remix version can be heard occasionally from The Lab radio station.

1) Theme from San Andreas


Similar to most other 3D Universe titles, San Andreas’s theme song doesn’t have a catchy name and it is simply called the Theme from San Andreas. However, this one needs no introduction as any Grand Theft Auto fan can instantly recognize the music even if they hear it from somewhere in the middle rather than from the beginning.

This track was also written and produced by Michael Hunter. The San Andreas theme song has become wildly popular not only within the series but also in the entire gaming industry. Rockstar Games also used a part of it as the mission pass jingle, making it one of the most special details in GTA San Andreas.

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