Twitch bans a channel that promised access to the game’s beta Latest

A Twitch channel pretending to be Rockstar claimed that it could grant access to the GTA 6 beta. Except that it was a phishing campaign aimed at stealing users’ Steam accounts. The channel was banned by the platform.

gta 6 twitch channel

The slightest supposed clue about GTA 6 is analyzed in detail. The wait is insurmountable for certain players who are doing everything to scrounge up information about the future game. A breach into which opportunistic thugs shamelessly rush. As the release appears to be getting closer, a Twitch channel has been banned from the live streaming platform.

It posed as Rockstar and promised viewers to give them access to the beta of GTA 6. Behind this fallacious promise was in reality a malicious operation. “It was a phishing stream, they were offering access to the GTA 6 beta but it was to steal Steam accounts”explains a viewer.

GTA 6: a fraudulent Twitch channel promises the impossible to players

The channel was given a verification badge in order to be seen as legitimate as possible. Which obviously worked. Up to 20,000 people attended the named broadcast “GTA6 OUT NOW ! [BETA] – Early Access Beta Test – Twitch et Steam Exclusive” to attract customers. It lasted more than five hours, trapping some naive Internet users.

They clicked on the link provided before providing their Steam login information. Enough to allow hackers to access their accounts and potentially their banking details. Even if you can’t wait to play GTA 6, you must at all costs be extra vigilant when you survey the web. Many hackers are trying to capitalize on the craze to steal your personal data.

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For the moment, Rockstar has only confirmed that it is working on the sequel to GTA 5. The presentation trailer should be revealed shortly while the game is expected between April 2024 and March 2025. In the meantime, you can explore the different videos emanating from the leak which revealed a wealth of information on the gameplay and the narrative framework.