Ubisoft Executive Acknowledges Persistent Demand for Physical Discs despite Low Sales

This Ubisoft executive says that physical game sales may continue to decline, but that they are not going to disappear because there are always people who will want to have the disc in their hands.

Ubisoft always has controversies and successes in PCSteam Deck, Xbox, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch, like the recent Mirage. And although executive Chris Early foresees a future with fewer physical games, he doesn’t believe they will disappear.

The Assassin’s Creed publisher recently agreed to acquire cloud rights through Ubisoft+ for the next 15 years and closed offices in Europe due to the rise of digital.

These and other decisions have led to the layoff of 60 workers as part of its reorganization, but now one of its executives continues to hold the classic physical format in high regard.

“There is a market for collector’s editions,” declared the Ubisoft senior vice president for strategic partnerships and business development to the company website.

“There’s the aspect of giving away physical items and allowing people to easily purchase a game in a store and give it to their friends or family.”

“Some people are always going to want to have the physical album. I don’t think it’s just going to go away. Do I think physical sales may decrease over time? Sure. Will they disappear completely? I don’t think so.”

Ubisoft video games are still available in both formats

Microsoft already has its Xbox Series S entirely in digital, but if the recent leak is confirmed, it may launch an Xbox Series and with another design.

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Sony has its PlayStation 5 in both formats and that has been kept in the Slim, but as we read in VGC they have confirmed that the digital had 67% of the 264.2 million games sold for its consoles during its last fiscal year.

Most AAAs are released in both formats, with a few instances that break the norm. This is the case of Alan Wake 2 or Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name; the first arrives this month and the second in November.

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In June, analyst Mat Piscatella said that digital releases for consoles should be expected to become commonplace in the coming years. “AAA digital releases are here,” he wrote.

“Over the next two years, this trend will accelerate, and around 2028, I think it will be the norm for most Xbox and PS releases. Nintendo probably won’t move that fast, but it’s Nintendo and they’re always packed.” of surprises”.

Now this Ubisoft executive says that the physical format continues to decline in sales and that it will not go away because there are “people who will always want the album.”