Understanding the Functionality of Favorite Item Slots

during fortnite In Battle Royale matches, players must loot as much as possible to become as powerful as possible and defeat their opponents with ease. Once you start collecting loot, having to organize it every time can be a hassle. This is especially annoying early in the game and can also be eliminated by landing in hotspots where a lot of enemies tend to land.

To avoid wasting time clearing inventory slots, players should set their preferred item slots in the game settings. For those of you who are not familiar with this option in Fortnite, read this article. This article will help you get up and running quickly.

Updated October 16, 2023 by Ashely Claudino. The ability to fully customize inventory slots and automatically set preferred item slots makes it much easier for players to organize their inventory without wasting time mid-battle. This feature was released a while ago and Epic Games continues to work on improving the game every day with quality of life patches.

The option to set slots for preferred items was especially useful for controller players, as using a controller makes certain menus more difficult to navigate. Epic has now released another feature aimed at taking inventory organization to the next level for controller players. The release of the v26.30 update added the Quick Weapons beta feature to Fortnite, allowing you to have a one-time customizable item wheel. This new feature, combined with the preferred item slot mechanic, makes it easier for players to navigate menus.

How to set up slots for preferred items

The preferred items slot option is so well hidden in the settings menu that it’s pretty hard to tell if it exists unless someone knows it’s there.

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To find the preferred item slot option, players must enter the menu and select: setting. then they have to go games tab (second from left) Scroll down to battle section; The Space for Favorite Items option is the fifth option in this section.

To customize inventory slots, players must select a configuration option.. This allows you to assign a preferred inventory slot to a specific weapon or weather type, so when you select that weapon it will automatically be placed in that slot.

Players who have Auto Align Consumables Right enabled will be happy to know that this option will still work even if they allocate slots for preferred items. If the player has space in their inventory, picking up a rare weapon will place it in the correct location and move lower rarity weapons elsewhere.

Favorite Item Slot Options

Understanding the Functionality of Favorite Item Slots

There are five equipment slots in the Favorite Item Slots menu. Players can be left unassigned or assigned later. Assault rifle, shotgun, submachine gun, pistol, sniper or bow, projectile launcher, utility slot or consumable slot. Players can reset these preferences at any time or disable default item slots entirely.

After configuring these settings to their personal preferences, controller players will also need to enable the Quick Weapon beta feature. You’ll immediately notice how easy it is to organize your inventory and how quickly you can switch between weapons without having to open it manually and without being distracted from the game.

fortnite Now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and mobile devices.

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