Upcoming Football Manager 2024: Anticipated Game Features and Expectations

Football Manager 2024 has a lot of new features and here GOAL explains it all for you.

Football Manager 2024 is the latest instalment in the popular series of football management simulation games. It is scheduled to be released on November 6, 2023.

Football Manager 2024 is available to play on PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, tablet devices and mobile. A specific version – FM24 Console – is available to play on Xbox and PS5, while FM24 Touch is available to play on Nintendo Switch

The game is expected to feature a number of new features and improvements over its predecessor. Here GOAL will list them out and explain those features for you.

What are the new features in Football Manager 2024?

Smarter transfers, squad building and finance

The game now offers smarter and more dynamic features in recruitment and finance, bringing it closer to the real football world. AI managers have improved decision-making capabilities, considering factors like form and reputation.

To align with improved recruitment, AI teams now prioritize youth prospects in the first team. The financial system has been revamped, providing greater clarity on income and expenditure. Negative transfer budgets may occur if you overspend, and you’ll need to sell players or transfer clauses to generate fresh income.

Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules now include sanctions, such as squad size and transfer spending restrictions, fines, and withholding competition income.

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Income fluctuations add dynamism to the game. Fixed-length TV deals, parachute payments, and ticket prices/sponsorships changes provide contextual information.

Individual player targets and interaction logic

In Football Manager 2024, you can motivate your squad by setting individual performance targets. These targets can be related to various aspects, such as training improvements (including new positions, roles, traits, and average ratings), goals, assists, clean sheets, and match performances in the first team or reserve team.

Football Manager 2024 features a revamped interaction logic system, making conversations with players and agents more realistic and immersive. Player reactions now have varying levels of severity, offering more nuanced responses based on the situation. This reduces instances of extreme and unrealistic reactions.

Staff Meetings have been improved in FM24, offering greater customization and relevance. You can now skip individual topics in the meeting agenda, focusing on what’s most important to you.

New game modes

Football Manager 2024 introduces three distinct game modes to start your journey:

  • Original: Begin with players at the clubs they are associated with in the current database, reflecting real-life data.
  • Real World: Players start at clubs they were with on the real-life date your Career begins and move to new clubs as they did in real life.
  • Your World: Club squads and budgets are set at the game’s start date, and only players who joined before that date are in your club, with all future transfers canceled.

Set piece coaches

Football Manager 2024 introduces specialised Set Piece Coaches as a new addition to the backroom staff. To support this feature, a Set Pieces attribute has been added to every coach in the database, indicating their ability to train players in the tactical aspects of set pieces.

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The Set Piece Coach profiles have distinct differences from other coaches. Instead of the Scouting Knowledge panel, their Set Piece preferences are prominently displayed. These preferences cover delivery style and defensive setup, allowing you to understand their approach to set pieces.

Set Piece Coaches play a significant role in the new Set Piece Creator, which takes a different approach from previous editions of Football Manager. This focuses on player attributes rather than their positions within your tactic.

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New avenues like inverted full-back

Football Manager 2024 introduces features inspired by positional play principles, allowing you to create more dynamic and intelligent player rotations on the field. This means that players can adjust their positions based on their roles and the movement of teammates, creating more passing options and fluidity in your tactics.

For example, an Advanced Playmaker can recognize the attacking runs of a Segundo Volante and adjust their position accordingly, effectively creating a 4-1-4-1 shape in attack.

A new player role, the Inverted Full-Back, has been introduced. This role functions as a traditional full-back in defense but transitions to become a third central defender in possession, allowing you to experiment with three-at-the-back building shapes while defending in a back four.

Overall, Football Manager 2024 is shaping up to be the most exciting and immersive instalment in the series yet. With its new features and improvements, the game is sure to appeal to both experienced and new players alike.

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