Upcoming Updates in November 2023 for Disney+, Cell Phones, Volkswagen, and More

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As in every month, there are some new features coming up in November. From Volkswagen to Disney+ to the cult show “Wetten, dass…?”.

Things are constantly changing for consumers – things become more expensive, eliminated, introduced, or obsolete. There had already been some changes in October 2023 that affected, for example, tax returns, WhatsApp or gas prices. There’s a lot coming up in November 2023 that’s worth knowing about – be it Volkswagen, Disney+ or the cult show “Wetten,dass…?”.

From November 2023: Disney+ members will have to dig deeper into their pockets

One of the most popular streaming providers at the moment, “Disney+”, offers its members all Disney films and popular film series such as “Star Wars”. While four simultaneous streams in 4k quality, Dolby Atmos and offline streaming were previously possible for 8.99 euros per month or 89.90 euros per year, this is set to change from November, according to “GameStar”.

The aforementioned subscription variant with all its functions will soon be called “Disney+ Premium” and will cost 11.99 euros per month or 119.90 euros per year. At the old price there will only be “Disney+ Standard”. With this subscription, content can only be streamed in Full HD, Dolby Surround and on a maximum of two devices at the same time.

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November changes to, for example, bets that?  or Disney+
Disney is raising prices for subscriptions. © Imago

For those who find the price too expensive, there is also the “Disney+ Standard” version with advertising, which will be available for 5.99 euros per month. Advertising is always shown and no offline streams are available. For everyone who already has a subscription, the prices will remain the same for the time being, so anyone who is thinking about taking out a subscription should have decided by the end of October.

Spanish fashion chain is coming to Germany in November 2023

What shopping fans can particularly look forward to is that the popular Spanish fashion chain “Stradivarius”, which belongs to the Intidex Group, will soon be coming to Germany. According to “TextilWirtschaft”, the first two stores will open in November in the Centrum-Galerie (Klépierre) in Dresden and in the Milaneo (ECE) in Stuttgart.

At least two more shops are scheduled to open in 2024, one of them in the new “Westfield” megamall in Hamburg. Other well-known brands in the Intidex Group include Zara, Bershka, Massimo Dutti and Pull & Bear.

Change in November – VW discontinues the “We Connect” app

Volkswagen drivers previously had the “We Connect” app to connect their cell phones to their cars. This allowed users to control and monitor their car via smartphone. According to “Autobild”, the app will now be discontinued on November 8th.

The functions of the popular app should not simply be dropped: they will still be available in the future with the Volkswagen app. Apart from “We Connect”, VW’s “We Connect Go” app, which allowed older vehicles to connect to the car using an adapter, is also scheduled to be switched off in 2025.

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After 36 years of cult show – Thomas Gottschalk is leaving “Wetten, dass…?”

For all “Wetten, dass…?” fans it’s time to say goodbye in November. Because now the time has really come: Thomas Gottschalk is leaving the show as presenter.

As “ZDF” reports, after 36 years, Gottschalk will host the cult show for the last time on November 25th, which was considered the biggest television show in Europe for years. On Instagram he reports: “The great times of Saturday evening entertainment […] are over. I am grateful that I was able to experience it and help shape it.”

Alerts now also arrive on older cell phones

For some time now, modern smartphones have been able to receive warning messages via the Cell Broadcast warning system, which are intended to help the owner in an emergency. To ensure that the system works, a nationwide warning day is also held. For some, their cell phones did not sound an alarm on the day of the warning.

People with older cell phones in particular have had the problem that they had to set the warning themselves and the message only appeared on the screen in German. According to the provider “Vodafone”, this will change in November 2023 with the “broadcast channel 919”.

From now on, the three-digit message IDs can be switched on in the message settings of old cell phones. Depending on your cell phone, the channel number 919 can be selected here or entered manually.

Server shutdown at EA – popular games will soon only be available to a limited extent

According to “Chip”, the entertainment company “Electronic Arts” (EA) announced some time ago that it would be removing old games from the server. After some were discontinued in September and October, four more games in the FIFA series will follow on November 4th. More specifically FIFA 18, FIFA 19 and FIFA 20 (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch), but also FIFA 21 (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch).

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The “shutdown” means for players that from this point on the games can no longer be played in online mode, but only offline and as a single player. Five more game servers for popular games will be shut down in December.