Upgrade Your Xbox Series S or X with 1TB Storage at a 41% Discount

The Seagate Storage Expansion Card.

If you read our list of best expansion drives for the Xbox series X, then you’ll know that there really is only one way to expand the storage, and that’s with the Seagate-specific expansion card. Unfortunately, even other forms of external hard drives don’t really let you play games off of them, mostly just being there as a form of storage. Luckily, there are a lot of great Prime Day deals going on right now, and that includes the Seagate expansion card. In fact, you can grab the 1TB version from Amazon for $130 instead of the regular $220, which is a substantial discount.

Why you should buy the 1TB Seagate storage expansion card

The big advantage of having a very specific expansion card that works is that it can use Microsoft’s Xbox Velocity Architecture, which is its own unique framework for building storage devices that run quickly. More specifically, they allow storage devices to sort of function as RAM or a Blu-ray disc so that the console is reading data off the hard drive at really fast speeds. That means you don’t have to rely on discs to play the game, but more importantly, it means that you have almost no loading screens, and it also allows the quick pause functionality that lets you jump into a game almost immediately after putting your Xbox to sleep, which is neat.

Luckily, this functionality applies to any games stored on the expansion card, whether they are Xbox Series X and Series S games or even Xbox, Xbox 360, or Xbox One games. So if you’re a fan of some older games that had terrible load times, this is a great addition to help you expand your library. We’ll also add that while there was only a 1TB version originally, Seagate released a 2TB version as well, so if you want a bit more space, you can

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instead of $280.

Overall, while we would have preferred to have more storage options, at the very least, the Seagate storage expansion card is great and perfect for expanding your internal storage space. We also think that it makes a lot more sense to grab it now that it’s been discounted down to $130 from Amazon, although if you need a lot of space, the 2TB is probably the better bet.

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