Video: A Graphics Comparison of Sonic Superstars on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5

Sonic’s new 2D adventure, Sonic Superstars, is finally here. The game has released on multiple platforms today, so the choice of where to play is all yours — what a treat! Some of you may already be tucking into the blue blur’s latest (and we can’t say that we blame you), but if you have been waiting to see how the console versions stack up against each other, then gosh, do we have the video for you.

The good folks over on the YouTube channel GameXplain have put together a graphics comparison for the Switch and the PS5 so you can check out the visual discrepancies between the two. The video provides both a wipe and side-by-side comparison, so you can really get a feel for how the game runs (heh heh) on both consoles.

From what we have seen so far, things are looking really rather tight on Switch. Yes, the PS5 visuals do have an extra layer of shiny detail in stationary sequences, but once Sonic gets a-moving, we are impressed with how both consoles are keeping up. Looks like your choice on this one will come down to the age-old question of portability vs. power.