What to Expect: Spy x Family Video Game – Release Date, Trailer, and Additional Details

Spy x Family video game SPYXANYA featuring Bond and Anya near a flower patch in the park, screenshot from the game

Spy x Family is collaborating with Bandai Namco to release SPYxANYA: Operation Memories. It’s an adorable video game that will let players experience the world of Spy x Family through Anya’s eyes. The game focuses on Anya’s quest to create a photo diary, which will be done by letting Anya experience everyday life. By letting Anya visit other places on the weekdays with Loid and Yor, she can observe different subjects and take pictures of them. You can also edit the family’s outfits.

That doesn’t mean weekdays won’t be eventful, since spending time at Eden College also allows her to form memories with characters like Becky and Damian. The game isn’t just about taking pictures and finishing Anya’s scrapbook—it’s also about experiencing life as Anya through hangouts, mini-games, and time spent with friends and family. Other characters like Yuri, Fiona, and Franky are also going to make an appearance in this Spy x Family slice-of-life simulator. Some fans are already excited for the release of the game, even if it’s a game that’s almost certainly made for kids. Based on the game system trailer, the game brings back some scenes from the anime that many fans love and remember. You can watch the trailer here.

Parts of the mini-game even look like Anya’s secret missions from the first season of Spy x Family. The Forger family’s days might even remind anime-watching players of Mission 3/episode 3 from the first season. In Loid’s bid to build rapport with his fake family, he takes them out to various places to make memories with them.

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SPYxANYA: Operation Memories will be available on Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, PS4, and PS5. The game is set to release internationally in 2024, but Bandai Namco released no further details on the day and month of the game’s release. For fans stopping by Japan in December this year, the game will be released locally on Nintendo Switch on December 21, 2023.

(featured image: Bandai Namco)

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