When will Alan Wake 2 be available for preloading?

Alan Wake 2 is bringing back fear and terror to Bright Falls, but it features a massive download size and high PC specification requirements. As a result, many players and fans want to preload the game and avoid downloading it on launch day.

Preloading is the best way to ensure you can wake up and play Alan Wake 2 on launch day. Here is when you can preload Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 preload times

No specific time was given for preload availability for Alan Wake 2 but preloads go live on October 25, 2023. Xbox and PS5 players have been confirmed to be able to preload, but there is no confirmation at the time of writing about preloads through the Epic Games Store. Preloads have been available on the EGS, but it is unclear if Alan Wake 2 will let you preload on PC.

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Alan Wake 2 release times

Alan Wake 2 becomes available at different times depending on your region. I’ve listed what time you can play Alan Wake on October 27, 2023, below.

  1. 9PM PT
  2. 12AM ET
  3. 1AM BRT
  4. 5AM BST
  5. 6AM CEST
  6. 7AM EET
  7. 1PM KST/JST
  8. 3PM AEDT
  9. 5PM NZDT

Alan Wake 2 file size

Alan Wake 2 is aiming for at least 90 GB on PCbut you can expect around the same number on Xbox and PlayStation. I recommend ensuring you have at least 100 GB of free space to guarantee you can download Alan Wake 2. As the preloads go live on October 25, 2023, you have two days to clear up space and download Alan Wake 2 before it launches.

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