Why I’ve Chosen the Quest 3 Instead of the PSVR 2

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In his weekly column, Android Central Senior Content Producer Nick Sutrich delves into all things VR, from new hardware to new games, upcoming technologies, and so much more.

By all accounts, 2023 has been “the year of VR,” unlike any year before it. We’ve seen a slew of incredible game releases so far, plus plenty of serious heavy-hitters to come. And that doesn’t even take into consideration the fact that two major VR headsets launched this year: PlayStation VR2 and Meta Quest 3.

But while Sony’s PSVR 2 had a ton of excitement building up to the February launch, the conversation around the headset quickly fizzled out as many realized the severity of the concessions Sony made with its design. Meanwhile, the Meta Quest 3’s release has seen even more excitement after the release than folks had before it.