Will Crunchyroll soon be a part of PS Plus, as Anime fever continues to grow?

Will Crunchyroll soon be a part of PS Plus, as Anime fever continues to grow?

Anime fans may soon have reason to rejoice. Sony is apparently planning to integrate Crunchyroll into PS Plus.

San Mateo, California – Sony has so far outstripped Microsoft in the gaming market. The PS5 is significantly more widespread than the Xbox Series X/S. And yet, many fans are convinced that Game Pass is significantly stronger than PS Plus. Sony is working to change that. It appears that Crunchyroll is included in the subscription.

Service Name PS Plus (PlayStation Plus)
Monthly costs 8,99 euros
Supplier Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Benefits 2 free games per month, access to PS4/5 online multiplayer, exclusive PlayStation Store discounts, 100 GB of online storage
Active Memberships 48 million users* (as of December 2022)

PS Plus with Chrunchyroll? Sony likely plans to update its subscription

Crunchyroll is coming to PS Plus: Sony has already purchased Crunchyroll in 2021. Also at the time, it was assumed that the streaming service could be integrated into the PlayStation subscription. But so far this has not been the case. Today, a new rumor comes from a tweet from the @AlexSmitk account.

In the tweet, it is said that Sony wants to completely overhaul the Crunchyroll app. The application must be made compatible with all smart TVs on the market. As soon as this is completed, the group plans to integrate Crunchyroll into PS Plus. The anime streaming service would then be included in the Extra and Premium catalog. Moreover, the free PS Plus games are ready to download for October 2023.

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PS Plus with Crunchyroll? New leak suggests big plans at Sony

Is the leak credible? Sony is constantly working to ensure that its in-house subscription service can compete with Microsoft’s. This is why, as recently, an additional free game is regularly added to PS Plus. It is not unlikely that Sony is working on improving the Crunchyroll app.

The Crunchyroll mascot next to the PS Plus logo

Following the recent increase in the price of PS Plus, it is likely that some fans have lowered their subscription, or even canceled it. It would therefore not be unthinkable for Crunchyroll to make the subscription more attractive again. Conversely, the implemented streaming service would also make the PS5 and its successors more attractive. However, we do not want to completely confirm this rumor. So take this information with a grain of salt.


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