Will GTA 6 delight and GTA Online 2 disappoint? Players have mixed feelings Latest

New information about Grand Theft Auto VI excites players, although there are increasing concerns about the new GTA Online 2. Why?

Grand Theft Auto VI is a topic that stimulates the imagination and is truly electrifying for players. The Reddit community and insiders constantly provide us with new information about the upcoming Rockstar Games title, but usually this information focuses on the main characters, plot, online mode or new technologies or solutions used in the sixth game. These are indeed impressive, but – as is usually the case – it can’t be too colorful.

Extremely long journeys around the world in GTA 6? The map may be bigger than it seems

As we have already seen in gaming community projects and many leaks, the Grand Theft Auto VI map is really huge and it is possible that Rockstar’s new hit will set a new record in terms of the size of the entire world. Here we will have a sunny Vice City accompanied by the Venetian Island, including a gigantic airport, a large beach, and even shopping malls and ports. This looks really good… and it doesn’t end there. In addition to the digital version of Miami, it is possible that we will also visit some regions of America – there has been talk of Brazil, Cuba and Mexico.

Now, players have come to the conclusion that it’s possible that players will see much more than just Florida – because that’s where Vice City is located. In the clip stolen by a teenage hacker, you can see what looks like a prison. People on the GTA forums did a little research and found out that it was the Augusta State Medical Prison in Georgia.

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So it looks like we’ll be visiting a large part of the United States – just look at the map to see how far this prison is from the main gameplay location. In addition, in the leaked game files we can find information about the “mountainous region” of Georgia, and not just one location. The only question is whether we will be there only for a moment, as part of some mission – and it will be a closed location – or whether we will be able to go there at any time and visit other regions of the USA. Whatever it looks like, players have reasons to be happy.

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Will GTA 6 delight and GTA Online 2 disappoint?  Players have mixed feelings
GTA 6 – announcement this month?  Rockstar is having fun with the fans and the fans are going crazy

Players’ concerns about GTA Online 2. Will microtransactions make this game pointless?

It’s no secret that Grand Theft Auto VI will cost a fortune. The production by Rockstar Games and Take Two Interactive is to have the largest budget in history – according to leaks, it will be around USD 2 billion. This, of course, is the result of how much GTA 5 managed to earn in these 10 years – or rather GTA Online, which turned out to be a goose laying not even golden, but even diamond eggs. GTA 5, after all, is a game that has already been released on three generations of consoles, it still sells well and a lot of people play it, and many people decide to buy only access to the game online.

However, players began to fear that, paradoxically, this might turn out to be a big problem. The GTA Online fan community does not hide the fact that microtransactions have recently become a major problem in online production. Due to the enormous budget of the upcoming installment of the Grand Theft Auto series, players are worried about the state of microtransactions in GTA Online 2 – then there may be a real flood of them, and it cannot be ruled out that the prices of digital currency will go up. Therefore, many people write that this is a great test for the company with a capital R and an asterisk in the logo – if they do not strain the players’ wallets, everything will be fine. Otherwise, this will be the last Rockstar game that the GTA Online community will be interested in.

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In addition, there is the issue of transferring progress and many other things from the current GTA Online, which worries many players – but I wrote a bit more about it in the article Will GTA 6 finish GTA Online? Rockstar faces an important and difficult decision.

If you want to find all the information about Grand Theft Auto VI revealed so far (and there was a lot of it), check here. What do you think about Rockstar’s upcoming hit? Will it be better than GTA 5 and will it be a more revolutionary production than Red Dead Redemption 2?