Will GTA 6 offer over 500 different activities? Here’s the list Latest

GTA 6 it’s a title that ignites the enthusiasm of many players just thinking about it. Unfortunately, Rockstar developers are quite laconic when it comes to official announcements regarding the potential release of the game or even its ongoing work progress. Most of the information we learn about the “six” comes from unofficial sources.

Last September, the largest information leak in the history of the industry took place. Gigabytes of data have leaked onto the Internet, presenting preliminary gameplay from the alpha phase of GTA 6, profiles of the protagonists, key game mechanics and a view of some locations – also probably available in the game.

Fans have since taken all these materials under a microscope, analyzing them meticulously. As a result of all this, we learned that GTA 6 will offer a powerful open world map based on the well-known and popular Miami. In addition, the developers will make parts of some South American countries available for exploration.

If the leaks regarding activity and the ability to perform specific actions in GTA 6 are confirmed, no one will certainly complain about boredom. According to informants, another installment Grand Theft Auto will offer over 500 various activities and events, including: playing basketball, fishing, wrestling and much more. You can find the full list in the graphic below.

Particularly intriguing seems to be the entry titled “Bonnie & Clyde Mystery“, which is most likely a strong reference to one of the leading plot motifs of the upcoming GTA 6. Numerous leaks have indicated that the game’s plot will focus and inspire on the criminal duo known from pop culture, i.e. Bonnie & Clyde.

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