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The stage is a mechanical city and a huge cave. Everywhere you go, you will encounter “biological machines” left behind by an ancient civilization. The enemy is a giant guardian with various hidden gimmicks. A puzzle game that will tickle your curiosity with just such a setting.COCOON” However, the biggest feature of this work is its nested world.

There is another world inside each sphere needed to solve the puzzle. Players use the sphere to activate devices, temporarily take shelter in another world within the sphere to avoid attacks, and solve puzzles on each level while going back and forth between multiple worlds with multiple layers. go.

The person leading the development is “LIMBO“or”INSIDE” was the lead game designer.Jeppe Carlsen. Both previous games were side-scrolling puzzle action games set in a dark world, and they were not only fun as action games, but also had an appealing story and world view told with few words. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of story will be told in the colorful world of this work “COCOON”.


“COCOON” will be released on September 30th.The developer isGeometric Interactivethe publisher is known for works such as “Kaze no Tabi Bito” and “Stray.”Annapurna Interactiveis. Compatible with Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 (PS5), PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox, and PC (Steam).


In-ear Wireless Earphone MTB03 / Montblanc


Expanding the tradition of quality with technology

We create writing instruments and accessories of the highest quality using craftsmanship.Founded in 1906 in Hamburg, GermanyMont Blanchas a history of expanding its lineup over time while maintaining its core values.

From fountain pens to leather accessories and mechanical watches. Furthermore, in recent years, it has been one of the first high-end brands to enter digital devices, such as smart watches and wireless headphones. And this summer, the wireless earphones “MTB03“is.

Of course, the functionality is perfect. Equipped with active noise cancellation, equalization using a dedicated application, multi-point connectivity, and IPX4 waterproofness. The sound quality, supervised by world-renowned audio engineer Axel Grell, is clear, detailed, and well-balanced, and will be especially effective with high-resolution sound sources.

The resin body (yes, the same as the Meisterstück) is ergonomically designed, light and comfortable to wear, and has an understated beauty. This is how the brand’s fusion of tradition and technology updates everyday items.

In-ear Wireless Earphone MTB03

The earphones are equipped with a high-performance microphone and also have call and pass-through functions. The battery capacity allows for approximately 5 to 6 hours of continuous use, and the aluminum case allows for an additional 3 times the charge. In-ear wireless earphones “MTB03” ¥54,890〈MONTBLANC Customer Support ☎0800-333-0102〉


Crafted Cashmere / The Elder Statesman


Let’s make, wear, and live cashmere knits together.

The Elder Statesmanis a very unique brand. In a good way, of course. Using only the finest cashmere as material, all processes from spinning raw wool into yarn, knitting, and dyeing are done by hand at our factory in downtown Los Angeles, with as little impact on the environment as possible.

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