Work on GTA 6 continues! Rockstar is preparing a new and improved engine Latest

Work on GTA VI continues! Rockstar is preparing a new and improved engine

According to “LegacyKillaHD” on the X website (formerly Twitter), Rockstar is currently working on the RAGE 9 engine for GTA VI. This is a very important aspect of every game, because it determines what a given title will actually look like. While improving the engine, Rockstar will focus on, among others: on game physics, “time management”, weather, rendering quality and artificial intelligence.

The game’s creators work on the so-called game physics. More precisely, how the characters move, how they react to external actions, what the water looks like, or how the vehicle is controlled. Rockstar also wants to improve “time management”, i.e. how the world will differ depending on the time in the game.

The weather will also receive a significant update. New information suggests that “dynamic” weather will have a physical impact on the game world. For example, strong winds will change the way the sea behaves or cause NPCs to leave the beaches.

The rendering quality will also be improved. This means faster and better presentation of content on the monitor. In addition, another important issue will be the better operation of artificial intelligence. Starting from the actions of NPCs encountered, or the behavior of the police.

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Journalist of Przegląd Sportowy Onet

Journalist of Przegląd Sportowy Onet

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