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In 2022, there was a massive leak about GTA 6 at Rockstar Games. One particularly dedicated fan analyzed the material for a whole year.

New York – As long as Rockstar Games doesn’t want to reveal new information about GTA 6 on its own, fans of the series will have to find out on their own. Even if a trailer for the next GTA has not yet been released, clips from the big leak from 2022 are still floating around online. A fan analyzed the leaked material for a whole year. Now he has shared his new findings about GTA 6 with the rest of the community.

Name of the game Grand Theft Auto VI
Release (date of initial publication) TBA
Publisher Rockstar Games
Serie Grand Theft Auto
Platforms PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC (unconfirmed)
developer Rockstar North
Genre Open-World, Action-Adventure

GTA 6: Big leak brought gameplay material to the public in 2022 – fans are beside themselves

The leak from 2022: A little over a year ago, one of the toughest leaks in video game history happened. Over 90 minutes of gameplay footage and several screenshots from GTA 6 became public after a hack at Rockstar Games. At first, many doubted the authenticity of the videos and images, but Rockstar itself finally confirmed the GTA 6 leak. The alleged perpetrator is now known and caught, but the videos are on numerous hard drives around the world.

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You missed these 52 things in the GTA 6 leak
Down to the smallest detail: You missed these 52 things in the GTA 6 leak © dpa / Arielle Bader / Rockstar Games (Montage)

Together with the confirmation from Rockstar Games, the leak is the only solid information the world knows about GTA 6. So it’s no wonder that some fans are obsessively dealing with the leak. This also includes a Reddit user named Denso95. According to its own statement, the account has been analyzing the leaks for almost a year for new clues about the game.

GTA 6: Reddit user analyzes mega leak – 52 new details about the game discovered

52 new details about GTA 6: In a post on the GTA 6 subreddit, Denso95 shared all of the findings from the leaks so far. The account claims to have learned a total of 52 things from the files, from the game world to activities to the smallest details. Here are some of Denso95’s most exciting details about GTA 6:

  • 2.) There is a gang called “Guardia”.
  • 12.) Something called “Easy Job – Massage Practice.” You can probably rob anything that pays with cash.
  • 19.) Keys and lock picks provide clues to advanced stealth systems.
  • 30.) Fishing. Basketball. BMX. Bungee jumping. “Crazy swamp safari golf,” lol.
  • 37.) Other gangs and robbers can be seen robbing various stores, even without the player’s participation.
  • 44.) There is an underwater research facility.
  • 49.) “Fairyland Forest Puzzle”. Could be part of Disneyland.

Enjoy with caution:

Denso95 does not substantiate the information in the Reddit post with clips from the leaks. On the one hand, this is completely right so that we don’t get into legal problems with Rockstar Games, which is why we don’t share the videos with you. On the other hand, there is no easy way to verify the information in the post. Clips of the leak can also be found online with a little searching if you want to go on a scavenger hunt for the details mentioned by Denso95.

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The full list: We have included the post with the complete list of all 52 new details about GTA 6 below. Of course the post is not in German, but it is relatively easy to read even with a basic knowledge of English.

Announcement in October? But you may not have to wait much longer to see whether there is any truth to the claims on Reddit. More and more evidence suggests that a GTA 6 announcement could come in October. Crazy theories like that the moon would indicate the reveal of GTA 6 have been proven wrong, but October is still young.