Youth in Tanzania Take the Lead in Environmental Conservation Efforts

Dar es Salaam. The government is banking on the youth in the implementation of its environmental conservation initiatives.

The deputy minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Mr Danstan Kitandula said at the weekend that the Samia Suluhu Hassan administration was putting its doors wide open for youths who have innovative environmental conservation initiatives to forward.

“Our doors are open for youth who want to implement projects that seek to protect the environment, including tree-planting initiatives. We are there for them and we will support them,” he said

Mr Kitandula was speaking at the weekend when he delivered closing remarks at the 3rd Global Youth Summit.

Conducted physically and virtually, the four-day summit, which started on 4th October, was attended by more than 5000 young people.

According to the CEO for Tanzania Forest Services Agency (TFS), Prof Dos Santos Silayo, the government was undertaking several programmes in its effort to ensure that young people were effectively involved in the environmental conservation efforts.

During the meeting in Dar es Salaam, Prof Silayo added, participants planted several mangrove trees in an effort to restore natural vegetation in the area close to the Indian Ocean.

“The nation relies on youth to help reduce the effects of climate change. As such, they have the responsibility of coming up with various programmes to improve the environment,” he said.


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